Rorschach part one

I would be showing you my Rorschach sweater, which is progressing nicely, but I can’t seem to find my camera. That’s odd, because I usually can find my camera. I swear it’s here somewhere. This is even more wierd because I even remembered to buy batteries for it, which never happens.

So picture a picture of a sweater here. It’s garter stitch, knit out of some wool, Cascade 220, and some of the leftover Galway Worsted. It started off really slowly, but it is making progress, due to some hospital time, and travel time here recently, so hopefully the slow start that it had isn’t going to speak for the rest of the project.

I’m liking knitting on this. There is something about Garter Stitch that is so comforting, with it’s constant knitting, not purl in sight. It doesn’t have the satasfaction of colorwork, nor the thrill of cables. It is simple, and quiet, a nice complment to every day life. It fits in here, with the current situation and the change in the season. It connects to me in some way that just clicks, just like the clicking of the needles as the project grows.

That lyrical waxing was just to distract you from the lack of picture.

Have a good Weekend.


Mia Sorella, Dalla Ella Luce (Very poor/misspelled Italian)

Well, my sister is in the process of giving birth right now, and here I am, blogging away. I ordinarily would use such a chance to skip a day, but I didn’t post yesterday, a Wednesday which are notorious for being hectic. And I felt like I should post something up today.

I have to work tonight too, which I’m using as an excuse to not go to the hospital and wait on pins and needles. (Though I have been told that I’m great in waiting rooms.) I ordinarily would also use this to get out of work, but Thursdays are always super busy, understaffed, and overworked. Though that middle one shouldn’t be a problem, we’ve got about eight new people signed up to work, mostly community service, which should make for an interesting night. It’ll probably fall to me to supervise those eight people. The manager gives them a rough overview of the job, and then leaves me to attempt to answer their questions. (I have on occasion shouted, “I don’t know and I don’t care! I don’t get paid enough to care!” at a person. Oddly enough, they didn’t ask me anything else that night.

I’m also not terribly thrilled about having a baby in the house. You’re probably reading this and thinking “That ass. How could you not love having a baby around? So cute and cuddly.” To you I say, I don’t care. (I don’t get paid enough to care, yet again.) Babies do have a cute and cuddly side, all pink and rosy, but to me (which is pretty limited, I don’t have a lot of experience with babies)they’re more trouble than their worth. I’ve parted with the thought that the house will ever be clean and quiet at the same time. (And I have issues trying to write when the house is messy and loud.) I like things that smell nice and can hold up their end of the conversation. Babies might be cute, but they aren’t exactly good at holding up their end of the conversation.

And am I the only one who’s noticed that they generally start to cry or otherwise divert attention to themselves right when I’m about to get to the good part of a story. I spend five minutes building up to a great punchline, during which the babies all quiet, and then suddenly, just as I’m about to get to the good part, they suddenly feel the need to let loose a few tears and sobs. The moment has gone, and I’ve suddenly told a very boring story. It is well known that I am a narcissistic cuss who, well, “cannot bear a conversation of which I am not the chief topic.” I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of these kinds of conversations.

And I know what you’re probably thinking, something like this “That asshole. That asshole. His sister is in unbelievable pain, bring a life into this world, and here he is, bitching about not being the center of attention.” (See, I told you I’m not totally lacking in self-awarness, just mostly.) to you I say,

This is my blog. See that warning up there, it’s not a joke. I will probably offend you. If you don’t like, well, you see that little button up there by the address box? The one with the arrow? Click it and bye-bye.

And I just want to vent about this here, simply because I can express myself better through writing. (I don’t feel the need to be as nice. I always tell people, “I’m not nice, I just don’t want to hurt some one’s feelings and then feel bad.”) I also think that if I were to say these things in person, I probably would offend some one. (I may be doing so through writing too.)  And I’m sure that there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way,(As far as I know, a lot of my blog audience is single and/or childless.) whether or not you want to admit it. (I am saying what everyone is thinking — My god, I am becoming Kathy Griffin.)

There, my big secret is out, I don’t like babies/kids. (I am actually really good with most kids though.)

On the knitting front, things have hopefully temporarily stalled. (I say hopefully that it’s only temporary, I’m not hoping things will stall temporarily, because that’s already happened. I noticed a mistake on my Rorschach sweater (the difference between double increase, and double decrease) that meant I have to pull it all out. I’ve got maybe six rows worked on it — which is kind of a big deal when your rows are about two hundred stitches. I haven’t had more than a minute or two to work on the Seemless Saddle-Shouldered Yoke.

Whinging It

Hello everybody! How are you today? I am good. (I always want to start a blog post this way, it’s a great way to get things started. It would be rude to dive right in and start writing, right?)

Well, Fall is here, and there I know that for a number of reasons.

1. The calendar says so. (This is really only at the top of the list because I think putting it any lower would make me sound odd. I am odd, but I do strive hard to not appear so.)

2. I am wearing a sweater. The Hand-to-Hand Aran if you must know, and yes, you must know.

3. I have the urge to knit Garter Stitch. That always happens in the Fall for some pleasant, but inexplicable reason. I’m thinking maybe the Rorschach Sweater — you know, do the hard ones first.

4. I think that above it simply because I feel the need to get warm. Garter stitch is thick and warm, and when done properly, good-looking too. It’s basic, and is sort of like returning to earth, as most things are this time of year. It’s comforting like a cup of tea or crawling into bed when it’s freezing cold out.

5. Somebody has turned the heater on already. . . I hang my head in shame. (It’s like these people have no sense of cold. It’s going to get much, much worse. Of course, this goes back to the whole midwest thing, and how they like to be comfortable, even if it’s NO FUN for me.)

6. I have the urge to do things like bake bread, make tea, and eat soup, all of which I did yesterday. There’s only a little bit of soup left, about half a loaf of bread (and I made two loaves, damn locusts) and I’m almost out of tea. (Plain tea that is, I have enough “other” tea to last me till the end of time.)

So there we are. It occurs to me that I haven’t shown you my current sweater, the Seamless Saddle-Shouldered Sweater, for a quite a long time. I’m moving quite nicely along on this one. It’s sort of just going to be, at least I hope, a no-fuss sweater that just shows up here one fine day with perfect intentions of keeping me warm. (And Ohio gets freaking cold. Thankfully this year I won’t be spending most of everyday in the room with the faulty windows and horrid drafts, as I did last year)

The body is done, and one sleeve is. I swear to you that I’ve been doing things beside knit. But the thing is, this sort of knitting, plain, is really suited to my lifestyle at the moment. I’m doing lots of reading and visual things, which means that I have my hands free for a lot of that time. So, something that’s plain stockingette in the round is really easy for me to churn out while my mind is doing other things. The reason the bottom is curling is because I’m going to do a hem, and I’m going to do it EZ style. I’ve inserted short rows in the back, so it should fit. And, despite what you may read, if you’re going to do an EZ yoke pattern, you need to do the short rows. It’s vital that you do so, otherwise you’ll regret it. It makes the front go all awful on you, and is one of the best ways to take that newly finished sweater glow right out of you.

Anyway, so here I am, simply knitting and enjoying the brisk burst of energy that comes with this time of year. Enjoy.


I am in a good mood today. This isn’t as rare as one would think, but I still feel like I always have to remark on it because, well, it makes me feel good. I’m not sure why I’m in a good mood, it could be any number of things. I had Subway for lunch. I finished some knitting I hate (of course I did get in a fight with my mother because that hat was “too big” ).  I am in the middle of a great book. It could be because I am now contemplating a project which should actually be fun. The weather is slightly chilly, and it’s starting to harken to the North Atlantic — which means I should start breaking out the Shetland wool any time now. But the sun did come out this afternoon — it was warming, but not the slightest bit hot.

Well, I’m not really sure what else I can say? I finished the body of The Saddle Shouldered Sweater, and am maybe 1/4 of the way done with the first sleeve. Not bad considering that I started it last night. (Note- you will thank yourself if you get a job which ables you to knit at work. And I got to listen to NPR too.)

I’m a little tired right now, but I don’t want to take a nap or anything – as a matter of fact I’m in the mood to stay up late right now, I don’t know why, it’s four o’clock in the afternoon. I’m using the word I a lot, which probably means that I starting to dip my toes in the deep end of the narcissism pool, which isn’t that surprising, considering that I am blogging.

I’m going to go do something else now. I’m not sure what.


I dug out ye olde learner’s cap last Wednesday I think it was. (I don’t remember what day it was, but I do remember that I was watching 27 Dresses for what is probably the twenty-seventh time.) This, if you’ll remember, is a present for one of my mother’s friends, who is a potential knitter. Usually, I don’t bother knitting for anyone I’m not related to or friends myself with, but this person is a potential knitter. (She quilts and sews, which is close.) So I feel like maybe, just maybe, this might be all I need to get her into Cornerstone Yarns and sign up for that learning class. (Actually, I’d send her to Jo Ann’s, I know the woman who teaches it, and I am not at all impressed with the teachers at Cornerstone. I’m just saying I could do better.)

Anyway, this friend sent me a picture of the cap she liked, and I volunteered to make it for her. Again, only because it could push her over that edge. It’s like  a football, with that hand thing going up one side (read: intarsia) and striped at each edge. Only it’s pink instead of brown.

In Knitting Workshop she suggests teaching someone to knit on a friendly and small cap, instead of the long and daunting scarf. It’s a good idea, but I already know how to knit, so I wasn’t sure what I should do for this. I thought that it would be a good idea to use it to learn something on — you know, in keeping with the spirit of things. (I am really into the EZ project now, can you tell?)

Well, I pulled it out last Wednesday, I think. And, thanks to some mid-day knitting yesterday (What, I worked all night, and I was working the counter, so I had to explain to about seven million people that they are NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE MORE THAN THIRTY ADULT ITEMS OF CLOTHING PER MONTH) I am moving right along with it. If I had known that I could finish it this soon, and I had my doubts, I would have gritted my teeth and done it a lot sooner. That’ll be one more off my list. (I’ve got twenty-four, I need to knit faster. But, I’ll be done in a year if I do two a month, which is very do-able)

Anyway, I’ll probably finish it tonight, as I have no life and will spend my Friday night watching TV and knitting. But that’ll make for good progress.

And once I get this done, we’ll have two sweaters from Ganseys, Arans, and Fair Isles, and one from Garter stitch.

To quote EZ: “Onward”

The opposite of Gansey

I knit on the little pullover I mentioned a post or two ago quite a bit. It’s my constant companion, in those quiet evenings when I have my choice of amusements. It’s a humble sweater, it’s plodding along at a most satisfactory rate. It’s knit at a loving four stitches to an inch, on needles (US 6) that actually feel like needles. That’s a good advantage, having needles that feel like needles.

It goes with me on my trips to town. It sits by me as I work out plots and dialogue and characters. It’s steadily grows inches as I read some of my favorite knitting blogs. It serves as my anchor as I pour over another exam’s prep. work (shorter test, but a lot harder). I don’t have a lot invested in this sweater, and I’m not sure that I’ll like the finished object, but I probably will simply because I’m loving the process of making this thing. It’s just fun and soothing to knit.

It’s the Anti-Gansey

But I’m also not sure that I’ll have enough yarn, but I’m thinking about adjusting accordingly. Who cares, right? We’ll deal with that when I come to it,  because I don’t think that there’s nothing I can do about it at this point.

Also, here’s some finished Gansey pictures, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these pictures that I’m about to put up. I look horrible, as I do in all hats. (The swatch cap is what I’m wearing.) I also look horrible in the sweater, but that’s not helped by the hat. I must also say that I look stoned. But, that’s nothing more than business as usual.

Mock me at will.

The month of Earth, Wind, and yes, Fire

Elizabeth writes:

September is the logical beginning of the year. Summer heat is nearly past, the weather begins to brisken up, schools open their doors to siphon out our beloved young out of the house for shorter or longer periods, adult activity starts to stir, and Mother forms good resolutions and makes lists.

Knitter’s Almanac

Dover Press, 1971

And isn’t she right? The year should rebegin right about now. The weather changes, schedules are reformed. The rigor of the day-to-day life returns with the shortened day. (Even if you do have a nine-to-five job, I imagine that Summer still feels different, it just has to. )

Anyway, this time of year is the greatest time of year to embark on new enterprises. So if you’ve anything you’ve been wanting to start, now is the time to do so. I am loving the weather so far, it’s been what I’ve been dreaming of  all hot summer long. It’s jeans weather, about time, and maybe tomorrow I can wear long sleeves, dare to dream, you know?

Anyway, it seems like Fall is here. And from what I heard on NPR the other day that we’ll have a white Halloween. So Autumn will be short around these here parts. And then we descend in to the long season of sweaters and snow, or tea and books. (Or as some call it, Winter) Oh, the seasons are such a comfort to me, no matter what happens to us, as time goes on, the seasons will change, and time will go on.

I’d been meaning to post that EZ quote up there for the about the whole month so far. Well, it’s the sixteenth so far, so you can how the month has gone, but I did find the time though to knit two of the cutest hats ever in the whole wide world.

And yes, these are for my soon to be nephew.


I forgot to take a pciture of the other one.