Rorschach part one

I would be showing you my Rorschach sweater, which is progressing nicely, but I can’t seem to find my camera. That’s odd, because I usually can find my camera. I swear it’s here somewhere. This is even more wierd because I even remembered to buy batteries for it, which never happens.

So picture a picture of a sweater here. It’s garter stitch, knit out of some wool, Cascade 220, and some of the leftover Galway Worsted. It started off really slowly, but it is making progress, due to some hospital time, and travel time here recently, so hopefully the slow start that it had isn’t going to speak for the rest of the project.

I’m liking knitting on this. There is something about Garter Stitch that is so comforting, with it’s constant knitting, not purl in sight. It doesn’t have the satasfaction of colorwork, nor the thrill of cables. It is simple, and quiet, a nice complment to every day life. It fits in here, with the current situation and the change in the season. It connects to me in some way that just clicks, just like the clicking of the needles as the project grows.

That lyrical waxing was just to distract you from the lack of picture.

Have a good Weekend.

1 Comment

  1. Uncle Garret, why not just take a piccie on your phone and upload it? I read somewhere that digital cameras will be extinct soon because of our phone cameras. You are just ahead of the curve on that.

    P.s. I don’t like other people’s children either. That statement implies I have my own, which I don’t. Read between the lines…

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