In which I become Silvia

Okay, this is going to be a really odd post about that whole knitting telepathy thing that Meg firmly believes in.

Since the holidays are happily over, I’m jumping back on the me train, and have gleefully commenced with my own knitting plans. (It’s strange though, everything that I’d had immediate plans for is locked up at Kent. I just have the core stash here.) What that means is that I’m picking up my own V-neck, set-in-sleeve sweater. I finished it a while back at Kent, and I’ve been procrastinating on working on it ever since. Mostly because I have to do that thing where you snip a stitch and unravel it all the way around. So, you know, I wasn’t about to get right on that.

But let me start this story from the beginning. A while back Silvia was knitting a V-neck, seamless set-in-sleeve sweater. I encouraged her, as I always do, and I felt the bitter pangs when she had to rip back because she didn’t have enough yarn. Not because she didn’t order enough, but because she had lost a ball of yarn. I left her sympathetic comments, and more of them after she found the ball of yarn. (Post rip of course.) But I also thought “Who the hell looses a ball of yarn?” Oh, how easy it is.

Fast forward a few months and yours truly celebrates a birthday. In the spirit of kindness the same Silvia sent me a really lovely and thoughtful present. Yarn. I ordered up some beautiful wool from Knit-picks, in the same blue/grey that causes my eyes to appear to be different colors. (I like to appear mysterious, even though I don’t have a mysterious bone in my body. I am the openest of open books.) I order 11 balls so I’ll have plenty. It comes in two days (love me some Knit-picks) and I camp on it, waiting for the right project. (And I need to tell you this because it becomes important to the story later, I had one bag with 10 balls in it, and one bag with a single ball in it. I didn’t think that this would  be that important.)

In the meantime, I go to college! I originally packed up all my yarn into a Rubbermaid tote, but then I looked at it and thought. “I’m doing that thing where knitters overestimate how much they’re going to knit, and do I really need this much, and aren’t I being a tab obsessive and weird and shouldn’t I just think about how much I really am going to knit.” So I went through the tote and weeded a few things out and ended up with it all in a tote bag. A large tote bag, I won’t lie to you, but still in a single tote bag.

I go to college and I start the sweater. I thought that it would be fitting if I were to knit the yarn that my friend bought me into the pattern that they didn’t knit. With that, I start knitting the Birthday yarn into the seamless, V-neck set-in-sleeve sweater. (I think this thing needs a better name.) I knit the whole thing, but have to cut the body short because I felt that I was running out of yarn. I finished with about half a ball extra.  But it was too short for me to wear comfortably, so I put it aside. My original plan was to (eventually) take out the collar, cuffs, and the border, add those to the bottom to hopefully give me enough length, and then re-knit them in a contrasting color. Thankfully my laziness stopped me from getting right on that.

I go home for break. (So flipping dull I can hardly stand it.)I bring the sweater with me. I start knitting gifts. I went to the Rubbermaid tote that I’d originally set aside for moving looking for some yarn for some hat or something. In it, guess what I found? The extra ball of yarn!! I’d taken the 10 pack with me to Kent, but I’d left the single ball behind! I’m happily knitting it into my sweater at the moment and I think I might actually get enough length out of it to actually wear it.

Moral of the story, don’t knit the seamless, V-neck, set-in-sleeve sweater. I think that the patterns cursed. I would give anything to know if Elizabeth misplace a ball of Wool when she first came up with the design. She probably didn’t, because she’s Elizabeth and she’s all perfect and British.

But I’m also checking the mirror periodically to see if my hair is starting to turn red. It’s showing hints, but that’s just where the dye reflects the light funny. (By the way, becoming a brunette was one of the best choices that I’ve made since going to college. I feel so much more pretty.)


Another Late Night Post

It would appear that I am still on College time. That is the only explanation that I can think of at least. The only way to explain staying up till two a.m, and then sleeping the day away. (More sleep than an adult really needs to function.) Oddly enough, I am still tired all the time. I can only conclude that my body is just used to being tired all of the time. I sleep whenever I get the chance, and yet still it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Break life is odd. It’s dull in the respect that I really have nothing interesting to do. (Well, there is knitting and watching movies, which is its own form of entertaining.) But I really have a lot to do. But it’s all that family together mushy stuff that I loathe. I can’t use the word “fuck” around my nephew who is that tender and impressionable age, and really, after living in a dorm for a semester, “fuck” is about 60% of my vocabulary. And the other 40% is pretty much limited to me, so that’s out the window and I’m just saying nothing.

So here I am, silent, sleepy and bored. The new SSB. (Those who know me from college will get this. Ask me and I’ll share the joke with the rest of you. It’s like a picture of me in my underwear — I don’t really care who sees it, just not something that I would care to share on the internet.)

But I’m still knitting a ton, even if I rarely remember to take a picture of it during the daylight. (I sleep so late that there really isn’t much daylight left. ) Most of it is for other people. I’ve got one pair of slippers left to do then I can hop on the me train once again. (There’s a really funny post about that, also related to how I am becoming Silvia — link on sidebar. Also because I am far to lazy to link.)

Aviary Photo_130319886099643504


Here we’ve got a scarf — the first that I’ve knit in years I think. (The last one was an entrelac one that I finished about two years ago.) I like knitting this one. After so many big sweaters and things for KW, it was nice to knit something little and quickly finished. (Don’t ask about the V-neck, that’s in the future post about how I’m becoming Silvia.)

I knit it in some mistake rib that I can’t really remember the name of. It’s the one with garter stitch instead of reverse stockingette. Broken rib maybe? Anyway, I know this stitch has been written down many times, but I think that this one was one that just came out of my head — I can’t place it. Anyway, it’s a nice departure from the standard for most of my scarves — garter stitch.

The yarn was the first blog present that I got a while back from Joe. (Link on sidebar, again I’m still lazy.) The same Joe who has vanished from blog world. Oh, Joe, where have you gone? (I’m trying to get a rise from him and prove that he’s still alive.) I made myself a sweater out of it. (The saddle-shouldered sweater.)

Next up!

Aviary Photo_130319887209682275

If you can’t already tell, this was a night photo.

I don’t really have that much to say on this one. It was quickly knit, out of a stashed wool that didn’t have a label. (I knew it was a wool though, I can just tell. And I lit it on fire. It was a wool.) I think it was knit at about 4 stitches to the inch, but didn’t check it. I also was working with larger needles on this one, which means all bets are off as to what gauge this loose knitter will get. I played fast and loose with the knitting rules and I won! Ha ha! ( I feel nervous now. Something bad is about to happen. I just mocked fate.)

Next, and the last:

Aviary Photo_130319886216984091


What we have here is a pair of socks, another night picture, and another gift. (This is me cutting back the presents I swear.)

I knit them at about 6 stitches to the inch. They are ribbed, as all gifted socks should be. (I can never be 100% sure if they are the right size and ribbing is a bit more forgiving than stockingette when it comes to ease.) I knit them out of Sirdar Denim Tweed DK, which I bought at Goodwill, but it had a tag on it from the store that it was originally from, and as it turns out I knew the owner! I knit them in about five days. They were knit toe-up, which is something that I usually don’t do. I just don’t like the feel of it. I get the practical value of it, being able to use all your yarn, fitting, etc, but I just don’t like to do it. But as I was casting these on I didn’t feel like casting on 56 stitches, so I cast-on 12 instead. (Once again, laziness. I swear before college I used to do stuff. Oh, those were the days.)

Don’t ask about the Zimmerman project. It’s kinder not to ask. Let’s just say that I intend to hit it hard after the break and during all the time that I’ll have next semester.


Late night post

Whoa boy! What a week this past week has been! I had two finals Monday morning, and a paper due on Friday. (By the way, I would like a judgement call on a 7:45 exam. I feel that this is a violation of the Geneva Convention.) The paper was a bitch though, more so than the exams. For one, I indulged in some hard core procrastination. I mean hard core. I didn’t really ever work on that paper before midnight for starters. I would leave my friends room around 11: 00 for the purpose of working on it, but then when  I would get back to my room, I’d watch internet TV for a while, and then stay up till about 4:00 am working on it, with the intention to get up early. (I saw noon as early. Leave me alone. I’m in college.) I never once kept that intention.

The last 24 hours or so were the worst. My friends and I all stayed up all night, because it was our last night to be together for a little bit. I slept for about 10 minutes in about a 30 hour period. (And I’d been exhausted all week before that.) When I got back to my parent’s house last night, I went to bed and slept for about 14 hours.

I’ve also learned just how much work you can get done on a paper at 2:00 am, while your roommate is asleep in the next bed. I’ve also learned  how sad move-out day is. You watch your friends slowly trickle out each day, and feel like a fool because you blubber on and on when each of them leave. Rush was the worst. After he left I cried a bit, but just when I got myself composed we got a text from him saying “I miss you guys already.” Bring on the water works. (It probably wasn’t helping that I hadn’t slept in days. I mean days.)

But here I am, back at home where the knitting is easy. It feels weird for me to not be procrastinating on anything. I mean nothing! This blog post, it’s not me trying to put off something that I really don’t want to do. I am just writing. And now, I’m going to talk about knitting.

Due to the lack of time this year, I’m greatly scaling back the amount of knitting that I do for others this time of year. I’ve been looking for an excuse to do this for a couple of years, and this is the first chance I’ve gotten. Still though, it will still probably be touch and go as to whether or not I can finish all this stuff. Also a number of these pictures are taken in my room, at night, and I once again apologize for the shitty lighting. (Really, you’ll see what I mean in a minute.)

Aviary Photo_130305833616564156

What you see there is the beginnings of a Fair Isle Slipper that I was intending to make for Christmas. But it is no more, I ripped it into oblivion. It needed to go for several reasons. It was probably too small for the intended recipient to wear; I had messed up the pattern, and the most important one — it was taking forever. I mean forever. So It’s gone, and in its place is this one. Aviary Photo_130315599577664107

These are the saving grace for all Christmas knitters. The Add-a-Bootie from Knit one Knit all. I’m about a medium to fast speed knitter and I can make one in an evening if I set my mind to it. Here pretty soon you’ll be able to identify people in my gene pool by this slipper. Both my grandparents have then and soon both my parents will have them, and I want a pair too.

This next one is going to be really hard to see. I plated with the angle and the lighting and the editing, and still nothing, so I’ll try to do better later. (Probably won’t happen because I really don’t work on these entries till I sit down to write them and I don’t think I’ll have the time till after everyone is asleep.

Aviary Photo_130315600556214313


See, I wasn’t kidding. The actual color is nothing like that. It’s really similar to the sweater on the last post, that shade of grey/blue. I started it around five today, and here I am, at 1:00 with half a sock — all ready to turn the heel. (This is causing false confidence. I feel disaster coming on.) I started it from the toe. I don’t know why, even though that was just a few hours ago.

What you don’t see here is the scarf that I’ve also been knitting. (See, excel at procrastination.) Almost done, but it’s out of a barpoled yarn and really, that makes it look like a grey mess this time of night. It’s actually pink and blue and very becoming. And what you don’t see here is the sweater, which has seen little progress and that is not likely to change till after the holidays. Ah, at least  I’ll have a new sweater to wear on the first day of the next semester.


Back to the Norm

Well, I survived the break, and am back at Kent once more. Though it’s only for two weeks, (and what a fortnight that shall be!) and then I’m back for the long, long month of Christmas break. However, that will have the glowing achievement of having made it through one semester. That means that in two weeks I will be one eighth of the way done with college. Oh my, how this semester has flown by! But I’ll save that post for later. This one is supposed to be about knitting, which is getting done, despite my poor track record at documenting it. It’s easy for me to knit a bit here and there on the go, but I can’t write a blog post in that manner. I need to have at least an hour to bang one of these things out.

Well, lets start off with the promise from the last post — better pictures of the Gansey. I took these a few minutes ago up in my room.

Aviary Photo_130305834537993883                                                                                  Aviary Photo_130305833954351654


I think that these are at least an improvement on the old pictures. I like the Gansey  — it is a pretty sweater and looks good. I’m a little “meh” about the finished object, but I am so happy to have this one done! If you don’t count swatching (which I don’t) then this is the first sweater I’ve finished here at college! Ha ha! I feel like this should prove something, even if it doesn’t really — maybe that I can get things done and that those little moments of stolen time do add up. This was almost exclusively knit on before classes started, and in other little minutes here and there.

The yarn is a recycled cotton from a sweater that I got back when I still worked at the clothing store back in Wadsworth. I picked up the sweater, I think it was a medium and pulled it out. But I didn’t think that it would be enough to do a full sweater out of. So I planned on saving it for some kind of a yoke sweater or something like that. But right before I left, we had the exact same sweater donated to us. It was the same yarn, made by the same people, the only difference was that it was an extra large. I left that at home because I didn’t feel like taking it out, and I didn’t have the time before I left for college. Well, I knit the sweater, and while it was a touch close (this is a snug sweater) I still had enough yarn — and that was a medium. And now, what am I going to do with the extra large.

The pattern was cobbeled together from the Gansey directions in KW, the chart from Knit one, Knit All, and the picture that she shows you in KW. I didn’t really want to knit this sweater, I was just doing it because it was on the list, but I really am happy with the finished object. It fits me well, and I think is a good looking sweater. I’ve had a lot of those moment’s here recently, and I’m pretty happy with that.

This is the ninth thing to be done out of KW. I am thrilled beyond words about this. And even more so because I am super close to being down to eight.

Aviary Photo_130305835088782041


What you see here, is the sweater that has also grown like a mushroom. This is the set-in-sleeve sweater, with a V-neck. (The V-neck isn’t in the directions in KW. If you want the V-neck with the set-in-sleeve you have to order the pattern from Schoolhouse Press. I didn’t bother with that though, and just started the V-neck when the decreasing started eating up the body stitches. It worked out alright, even if it is a bit of a deep V-neck.)

The set-in-sleeve in the round is something that I thought would be difficult and tiring, but really it was so much easier than I thought it would be. And what’s more, I actually had the same amount of upper sleeve stitches. I don’t really care about this – I just fudge the numbers but this happening is still a happy circumstance.

I did a crochet steek to the V-neck because I didn’t feel like hauling out the sewing machine. It’s really near to being done, but the thing is — it’s not really long enough. So I’ll have to fix that — I’ll see what it looks like after blocking. I don’t have a lot of yarn left, but enough for maybe a few rows to add a bit of length to it. Having enough yarn was a bit of a close one — I finished this (I need to bind off the collar and weave the underarms) so I’m not sure how much more length I will be able to add to it. I can unravel the swatch.

I had the final in my math class today, and I passed it with an 87%. Not to bad considering that I didn’t really understand any of the material. And there is a final in my physics class tomorrow, so while I’d like to keep talking about knitting I really do need to study for this test considering that I don’t really have any idea what it is all about. (I have an A in that class and I would like to keep it that way.)