The opposite of Gansey

I knit on the little pullover I mentioned a post or two ago quite a bit. It’s my constant companion, in those quiet evenings when I have my choice of amusements. It’s a humble sweater, it’s plodding along at a most satisfactory rate. It’s knit at a loving four stitches to an inch, on needles (US 6) that actually feel like needles. That’s a good advantage, having needles that feel like needles.

It goes with me on my trips to town. It sits by me as I work out plots and dialogue and characters. It’s steadily grows inches as I read some of my favorite knitting blogs. It serves as my anchor as I pour over another exam’s prep. work (shorter test, but a lot harder). I don’t have a lot invested in this sweater, and I’m not sure that I’ll like the finished object, but I probably will simply because I’m loving the process of making this thing. It’s just fun and soothing to knit.

It’s the Anti-Gansey

But I’m also not sure that I’ll have enough yarn, but I’m thinking about adjusting accordingly. Who cares, right? We’ll deal with that when I come to it,  because I don’t think that there’s nothing I can do about it at this point.

Also, here’s some finished Gansey pictures, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these pictures that I’m about to put up. I look horrible, as I do in all hats. (The swatch cap is what I’m wearing.) I also look horrible in the sweater, but that’s not helped by the hat. I must also say that I look stoned. But, that’s nothing more than business as usual.

Mock me at will.


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