The Pereline

Oy Vey!! Almost two weeks have passed since my last post, and a great deal has happened then. I’ve been working long hours in the Petrol Station. (I heard a Brit refer to it as such and I started using it, considering that it does sound better than a gas station. I’ve been working away on my books, writing letters and reading a great deal. I’m really all about books these days. I am in the middle of three (four?) and spend a lot of time doing it. I’ve also been knitting a great deal, finishing things left and right. I’ve got a backlog of things that I need to talk about. The Pereline is done, (more on that later) a shawl that I just need to weave the ends on (and find, ahem). I have a sweater that is almost done, and a coat that I’ve started and have got maybe five inches on.

If you’ve been paying close attention (really too close), you will notice something very interesting. I have cast-on every project from Knitting Workshop. You read that right. I have nothing left to start —  a lot left to finish, but nothing else to start. I am feeling oddly calm about this. We will see how I feel when I finish them. I’ve still got a lot left to do before I get to that though.

For now though lets focus on the Pereline. I knit mine out of un-spun fiber that I drafted as I went along. That was an experience in and of itself, but I’m really pleased with the finished product.

Well, sort of. What I’ve got now started out as the Pereline, but ended up being well, something else. Here’s a picture of the Pereline before I finished the I’cord.


That should give you an idea of the shape that it is supposed to be in. Sort of like a shawl and a poncho. Nice, but I didn’t like it. It puckered, it flared, it hit me in all the wrong places and I didn’t like it. Then I was playing with the shape of it and holding the two sides to the back. I liked that, so I sewed then up, leaving room for the armholes. That was nice, but I still wasn’t crazy about it. So I pinned up the front of fake a seam and I really liked the shape of it. I sewed it up and loved it! Here’s what I ended up with.




I really like the way that the stripe snakes around the body and the way that all the increases come right to the center of the back. I see myself wearing this with long sleeves this winter. All in all I’m very pleased with the way that it turned out.


Considering The State of the Pereline

Having been out of the working world for a little while I forgot how much I love days off. I feel free, and more than that, I don’t have to work. There also is that little niggling thought at the back of my mind about work tomorrow. (10 hours. Yikes!) But after that I’ve got a lovely few days off. The best part though, I thought I had to work Wednesday evening — and then couldn’t go to knitting, but it turns out that was Wednesday morning, so I can go to knitting. I never thought that I would be happy about having to be at work at 7 in the morning. (With no ride either, which means I have to be up well before 5). But I am really happy that I’m 19 years old and not still getting money from my parents. I’m going to splurge on some yarn when I get my first check. (There was this really cool rainbow, barber pole, coned yarn that I was eyeing).

Besides all that I’ve been knitting a great deal. And reading a great deal, and writing, well, not a great deal, but a little bit. I’m getting a lot of great ideas about my latest book while working in the cold, dark, beer cooler. It’s a great place for ideas that really take your mind off the face that your ears are blue and you haven’t been able to feel your fingers for a few hours. It’s going to be great. It’s got class struggle, HIV, dealing with old issues and a non-sexual person that everyone wants to sleep with.

My knitting though has been going well. Typically by the time I get home from work and finish the housework, all I really feel like doing is knitting, whatever the time of day. So that’s been getting done. I’ve got a shawl that’s all blocked and just needs to have three or four ends woven in. (I really feel like it will take much longer than necessary to darn those suckers in.) I’m also getting close to done with the Pereline, working now on the miles of I-cord that need to be applied to the edges, and making the decision on how I want to seam it. I was originally going to sew it up the front, but now I’m thinking of doing something with the back, making it sort of like an open-front vest, but I’m not sure that that would work, and I’m not sure if I want to seem it at all. We’ll see what I want to do when I’m done with it. However, that is a long time in coming. Here’s  a picture of what I’ve got so far, and this will probably give you a better picture of how this thing is supposed to go on the body. picture117

It really is just a shoulder covering. But Pereline sounds a lot better, don’t you think. (If you know how to pronounce Pereline, which I’m not really sure of.)