Which one in the Rain?

While the East Coast is being ravaged with Hurricane Sandy, (I know a woman named Sandy whom is similar to a hurricane, but hurricanes you can at least flee from; I am stuck with her) Ohio is simply wet and cold. Really, I didn’t know it was possible to be this wet and cold, living outside of Yorkshire that is. The ironic part is that all of last winter was like this, cold and wet. The dampness has creeped into the house, and so begins the seven months of the year when I simply can’t get warm.

But this weather is quite condusive to good knitting. It might be the lack of other things to do, (Which is quite likely, I read a whole, almost 300 page novel yesterday.) It also could be there’s plenty of call for knitting. There is nothing like a need for a sweater to get you to acutally knit one. I’m not yet 100% sure of any other these yet.

But it doesn’t really matter why we do what we do, it simply matters that we do what we do. Why do we feel the need to explain away all of our emotions? That’s another topic though, you may see me at my (other) pointless driveling blog for that. (I don’t have one, don’t pester me for links.) What all this is, is really a roundabout way of saying that I’m almost finished with one sweater.

Guess which one.

I would love to tell you that the Fishtrap Aran is almost done, but that would be a lie, and what’s more you’d know it, especially when it isn’t done for a while. Nope, the Rorscach is almost done, thanks to me doing an inordinate amount of reading here lately. This thing is so simple that I can simply churn along on it while my eyes are doing something else.

There was a funny moment with the thing over the weekend. I go to the coffeehouse just about every weekend, namely because it keeps me from sitting at home every Saturday night like some loser. Well, I went there two nights ago, and wasn’t expecting a large crowd. Well, I was wrong, because I had a hard time even getting a seat at the bar, let alone a table. This wasn’t good for my plans. I had to knit some applied I-cord on the sleeves, and then, there really wasn’t much else left to do at that point, but graft up the sides.

Don’t you wonder how I dared to do so? This time last year, grafting feared me like nothing else. And there I was, far from home,  no refrence books to help me, and unwilling to lose out on potential knitting time.  I didn’t even have a table, only my lap.(There was so much going on that it would have been pointless to read.) I am so proud of myself.

I didn’t do to badly either. There was onle one little half-purl blip that told of faluire. Granted, that was the sweatiest, most nerve wracking half hour I’ve had in a long time, but it’s all over, and the sense of smug satasfaction now outweighs all of that

I’ll try to finish soon. All will be easy, except for the buttons. Don’t count on the buttons.


I’ve blown it*

I really have.

Well, let us step right out under the cold shower and have it over with.

I ran out of the gray (grey) yarn.

To begin with, I wasn’t 100% sure that I would have enough to begin with. It was a coned yarn — a goodwill find that I was pretty proud of. I like the gray heatheredness of it, and thought it would be perfect for traditional fishermann’s sweaters. (Be they Arans, or Ganseys.) So, I pulled it out of the bin when I started this sweater, even though it was a touch thin, and knit it up.

Last night, while watching TV, I ran out of gray.

This didn’t come as a shock to me. I’m not blind, and can easily see that I am running out of yarn, so it’s not a total shock. I hoped to get enough for the body, and then make the sleeves and the button bands out of another color. Well, I suppose it’ll look nice with the blue I’m using, on the sleeve, button band, and upper shoulders. It’s sort of a lovat blue, a lovely Shetland wool that I ripped out of a thrift store sweater. I’d hoped to save it for Mrs.LaidLaw’s Gansey, but I’ll have to find something else for that; I probably wouldn’t have had enough anyway.

I am getting ready for this one to be done. I’ve gone past the point where it is charming, and now it’s starting to where on my mental state. I haven’t reached DEAR GOD LET THIS BE DONE, yet, but I could be there sometime next week. It is pretty though.

I’m getting closer and closer to being done with the Rorschach sweater, but I still need some time to finish it off.

*Get it out of the gutter sicko.

Dr. Rorschach


There we have the wonderful Rorschach sweater. I really do think that this sweater is wonderful. It’s entertaining, but still simple at the same time. (It may seem so wonderful because it’s the anti-Fishtrap. I really only have to glance at the directions every week or so.)

The progress is slow, but that’s not because it’s a slow knit. This thing really has only been worked on three places. 1. At the hospital when my sister gave birth (you’ll remember this as the time I posted my “I hate children” post). 2. At the coffee-house. This thing is perfect for dim lighting as I stare like an idiot at old flames. 3. Reading. I’ve read so much while working on this sweater. I would say that about 75% of this sweater has been knit on without me looking at it. Cool, huh?

It’s knit out of two gift yarns, the green is Plymoth Galway Worsted, and the Yellow is knit out of (I actually have the ballband) Cascade 220, color number 9476, a color called Maize. (I feel more Native American knitting it.) By the way, I can’t recommend Cascade 220 enough. It’s reasonably priced and perfect for just about anything from cables, to colorwork, garter stitch to stockingette.

I have plans to edge the whole thing in applied I-cord. I get a little shaky at the thought.

In other news, my computer is on the fritz, and won’t alow me to comment on WordPress blogs. (I don’t know why only WordPress; I don’t really want to know.) So if you have a WordPress blog and haven’t heard from me, rest assured that I do want to comment, I just can’t.

This and That

1. I started the edits for my fourth book today. Use your imagination to tell how well this is going. I must say that I make a lot of very funny typos, and there are a lot more sexual undertones than I’d thought. And the plot sometimes moves so quickly. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m laughing or crying. It feels good to return to this story after some time off, like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. (I oddly enough used that same comparison in the book. Weird.)

2. I recently received a comment telling me that she loved the way that the Fishtrap Aran sweater looked. I thought first, “Oh, she likes my sweater.” Then I thought, “No, you idiot, she likes that sweater, not necessarily the one you’re knitting, because you’re too lazy to get off your ass and take pictures.” Let’s fix that.

A little hazy, but you get the point. I do so hope you get the point. That’s all traveling stitches, every last one. I’m doing them without a cable needle, because with a cable needle, well, I’d be more likely to plunge the needle into my eye than to actually finish the sweater.

3. I always lose cable needles and wind up using toothpicks instead.

4. Despite how much I bitch and moan about knitting this sweater — how hard it is (not really that hard, just not a first Aran) and how long it’s taking, (again, not really that long) I really do like knitting it. It’s so satisfying, and is making me feel oh so clever. It’s good looking to boot too. I’m a about a foot, with about fifteen inches needed for length. (I’m starting to get tired of sweaters that are too big.) So we’re starting to move along with this. It’s starting to actually feel like I’m knitting a sweater, not some mysterious thing in the round with tons of stitch markers.

5. I am also already starting to plot it’s successor. Another Aran, if you must know. There are two left in KW after this one. I should be polishing this category off soon.

6. This weekend I ran into a bunch of non-romances past. (They were almost a thing.) There was one on Saturday, and that shocked me so much that I couldn’t speak. I just started at them with my jaw on the floor. Sunday I ran into one that I actually talked to for several minutes, and hope to do more of. Ah, and I wonder why I’m not leaving the house today. If I run into any tomorrow, I’ll just start banging my head into the wall till I forget about who they are. Good strategy.

7. I’ve been working on the Rorschach Sweater a lot here of late, mostly due to my doing a lot of things with my eyes and head, but not really with my hands. So the mindlessness of Garter Stitch is soothing me as I cry over how funny some of my typo’s are. (Some of them are true Freudian Slips.) It is slipping along, and I’m counting the days till I can finish is off. (I still haven’t come up with an exact number.)

8. I’m also feeling Rhinebeck Envy. I feel like Cinderella while all the other’s are off at the ball. I would petition a Fairy Godmother, but it’s already over this year.

Slow Going

Nothing of interest to report today. Things are rather dull. Knitting is at a minimal, really just enough to keep me sane, inasmuch as that can happen. I’m engrossed in several books, and that is making further demands on my time, as well as my inability to say no to anyone person. I really detest being this helpful and nice, but I know no other way to be. (Oh, I really wish I could tell everybody what I really think of them. I wouldn’t be very well liked, but boy would I have fun. )

The Fishtrap Aran is about 8 inches long. I really have got to get a move on with this one. It’s just proving hard to get some time to work on it, as much as I hate to go with that lame excuse. Really, this whole post is a lame excuse. I hate those, “Well, I haven’t been knitting much lately” posts on other people’s blogs, but here I am writing one. I always want to say, “Why don’t you go knit then?” Well, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

And I must say, these Aran stitches are sure slow going.

Knitting is lost to . . .

I’m sorry, but the knitting has been stalling a little bit here of late. I’m not sure why, but I’m having trouble getting anything done. The Fishtrap Aran is currently7  inches long, which isn’t to bad as far as progress is concerned, but it’s still not moving as fast as I would like. Some of you might think of this as pretty steady work, but I am not, mostly because I have a list of projects taped over my desk filled with things that I need to knit in order to call the Zimmmermann project done. No one said this would be easy.

Anyway, here’s a total cop-out of me blaming everything else that is taking up my life.

1. I finished the second draft of my fourth book on Friday. One would think that with my life as a writer suddenly being free from most of its writing that it would make a lot more time for my life as a knitter, but that isn’t so.  Oddly enough my life as a writer isn’t that different from me regularly, which is a little upsetting.

2.I hate to say this, but I have finally registered for the second in a series of tests that will pretty much determine the rest of my future. This is probably the most important one too. The first was eight hours over a variety of subjects. I passed very well. (In the top two percent of the nation.) This next one has about the same amount of questions, but is done in about half the time. Yikes. So I am up to my eyeballs in prep work for this, as you can well understand.

3.I just walked home with a box of books on my head. This isn’t really related to the above, but I felt I should tell you this because it’s a pretty interesting story. Saturday at the bookshop (another reason I’m falling behind at the knitting, working two, or more, days a week at the bookshop) about ten minutes closing, we get a donation of about twenty boxes of books. I didn’t know twenty boxes of books could fit in our shop. Most of it was not very good stuff — you know, novels from the seventies, dusty book jackets, that sort of thing. That is the sort of thing that we can’t sell. I hate to say it, but we don’t take crap.

Anyway, there were a lot of classical novels, English, American, and European. I wasn’t sure what to do with these, so I set them aside for the manager to make the final call on. She apparently, I don’t know for certain, out of my four bosses at that shop, I don’t see her often, didn’t like them. So the other manager (I swear, the place is crawling with bosses) told me I was more than welcome to take them home. He even offered to store them in the shop till I could walk them all home. (You’ll note he didn’t offer me a ride.)

My back was killing me, and I couldn’t really carry them all. I set some aside for me to take home next time I work, and I put some in a box for me to take home today. I probably got it a little too heavy, because my arms were a little funny feeling short in into my walk. I could have carried them, but there had to be an easier way.

I remembered something that I’d read in some children’s book when I was a child. (I remember some of the oddest things.) There were Mexican women who would carry heavy buckets of water on their head, to save their arms the work. I thought that it was a good idea, and I’m not afraid to make myself look like an idiot, so up they went.

It wasn’t that hard, and it really did make them easy to carry. I got some of the oddest looks though. Isn’t odd how doing something like carrying a box on your head, or knitting in public can make people look at you funny? Just thought I would point this out to you. Maybe you’ll have to carry a heavy box a long distance some day and not care about your hair do? You never know.

(Don’t ask me why I told you that. I don’t know. I thought it would be more funny in my head. I like to say funny things, it just doesn’t always pan out.)

4. I also bought a book on clever ways to store books. (Which may add to the problem.) So some knitting time in the future is to be dedicated to finding a way to store these books, while still making it all “look pur-tee”


Simply Socks

So, last Friday (I would have posted this yesterday but I chose to listen to A Prairie Home Companion and make wonderful pizzas instead, I’m sure you understand.) I pulled out an oh-so neglected pair of socks. I started these, well, I really don’t remember, but I do know that it was a while ago. Anyway, I knit one sock and let it languish for a really long time (like months) before starting the next one.

That sock too lingered for a while. I didn’t like the needles I was working with.  They weren’t  part of the Zimmermann project, so I felt guilty for working on them. It was ribbing, which I don’t mind on DPNs (oddly enough) but it still bothered me for some vague reason. I didn’t want to work on them. They weren’t for me. The usual stuff.


Needles: US 3’s

Pattern: That sock pattern I was born with embedded into my brain.

Time it took: Too long


These are going into the long-range planning box, which is slowly starting to get smaller and smaller range. (A lot more people will be given bought gifts, just sayin’.) It’s not like I can churn out Aran sweaters for the family in a few months. I’m starting to get a little worried about this holiday season. Can anybody say chunky yarn? I realize that that is sort of a cop-out, but I really don’t care. The people rarely wear thier stuff anyway. Aside from socks, which everybody loves, people around these here parts don’t really wear the knitted stuff. Despite the fact that Ohio usually has a bitterly cold winter. I, as I usually do, blame the midwest. (It’s just so easy, and usually true.) I knit my sister some Norwegian colorwork mittens one year. (Some long-time readers may recall my “Mitten Hell” posts) Well, last I knew, one of them was still being kicked around here somewhere. (Who loses a colorwork mitten? They were beautiful.)

The Fishtrap Aran is at center stage now, and is almost always by my side. It’s currently four and a half inches long. I must work on this more. I’ll go do that now. But tonight I have some potential job/education classes that I have to start looking into. I’m already starting to look in the mirror and say, “Hello, my name is Garret and I’ll be your tax handler.”