The Rules (For me)

I’m knitting my way through Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop, and these are the loose guidelines I’m going to follow, inasmuch as I can follow any directions.

1. I must always have at least one project from KW on the needles, and it must be worked on everyday.

2. I may have only one project that is not from KW on the needles at the time. These should be mostly gifts.

3. If I come across a project in KW that I’ve already knitted prior to this experiment, I must re-knit it, whether I liked the finished project or not.

4. If I don’t like the way that I knit something, I must take it out, and re-do it.

5. Even with all of these rules, I still need to remember that knitting is only a hobby. It is supposed to be fun. And it’s MY knitting, not Elizabeth’s, so if I don’t like something she did on a particular pattern, I am allowed to change it at will.

6. I can add to these rules at any time that I wish and see fit, as long as the new rule does not contradict the old rule.


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