Is This Thing On?

*taps mike*

Is this thing on?

Hello, is anyone still reading? Probably not, though that certainly my fault, for the lack of content. Things are brewing around here, and there have been big changes happening in my life since the last post.

For starters, I’ve moved into my first apartment, which I feel is pretty nice as far as apartments go. I’ve got heat (so much heat), running water, and electricity, which I even pay for when I remember to. And while I do kind of miss the days when my parents paid for everything, I really enjoy being out on my own, you know, my own man, a lone wolf . . .

*stares off at the moon*

And since moving out I’ve discovered several things — that money is harder to mange than I thought. I will pretty much live off of pasta and peanut butter and jelly when left to my own devices. And lack of “adult” supervision will pretty much cause me to sink into my natural sloth-like tendencies (what, sloths are at least cute). It’s also startling for me to realize I AM THE ADULT SUPERVISION!! Who let this happen? I was not ready for this.

Also, in keeping with this tone, I was promoted at my work this fall. (For those of you who don’t remember — which is probably most of you — I work for a market research firm, which is just fancy language for a survey-based call center. You know those NBC/WSJ polls that you can see on CNN, I conducted those polls. And still am really). And I went from Interviewer to Supervisor, which means I listen to people conduct these calls, instead of conducting them myself. (I also do still have to make the calls sometimes.) This also entailed about a doubling of my work hours, which is probably one of the reasons that I haven’t written on here in forever.

So, all this is going down, in addition to my still being in school (I’m a junior), I now find myself with a full-time job. You can probably guess how this has effected my knitting. I still do knit. I even finish things every now and then — but of course my level of productivity has gone way down. (In class all day, work all night, all I want to do is come home and sleep — days off I sleep. It seems like I sleep whenever I have free time, which is typically not enough, so I’m running on nothing most of the time). But I did do a pair of socks this fall. And most of a sweater, and have even started another pair of socks. So, not so bad, at least not really.

I also speak pretty good German now for the record. I’m in my second (last) year of it. I recently learned the plural form of the word “Harbor” you know, because I was really worried about being able to talk about all the Harbors.

So that’s pretty much all I have for right now. Pictures to follow when my phone isn’t trying to recover from a brutal death. (I forgot to turn it on airplane mode before work.)


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