A knitter from Ohio, but I guess you probably know that by now. Writer by day, knitter by night, dreamer, thinker and lover throughout. My newest passion is my spinning wheel, and I’m loving the efficiency of it (I used to be a spindle spinner and that’s . . . slower.) When I’m not busy with all theses other pursuits I’m off running, reading, (A person who does not find pleasure in a novel must be intolerably stupid. Jane Austen) meditating, yoga -ing, stretching — not the same thing as yoga. I love the Italian language, almost as much as I love the food, and I’m learning to master both. I love the works of Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I rarely knit anyone else’s patterns. I’m actually knitting my way through her classic Knitting Workshop. If you want to know more about me come back, read, enjoy — I’ll keep giving new content if people keep reading it.


I also always look like I’m high in pictures.



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