Whinging It

Hello everybody! How are you today? I am good. (I always want to start a blog post this way, it’s a great way to get things started. It would be rude to dive right in and start writing, right?)

Well, Fall is here, and there I know that for a number of reasons.

1. The calendar says so. (This is really only at the top of the list because I think putting it any lower would make me sound odd. I am odd, but I do strive hard to not appear so.)

2. I am wearing a sweater. The Hand-to-Hand Aran if you must know, and yes, you must know.

3. I have the urge to knit Garter Stitch. That always happens in the Fall for some pleasant, but inexplicable reason. I’m thinking maybe the Rorschach Sweater — you know, do the hard ones first.

4. I think that above it simply because I feel the need to get warm. Garter stitch is thick and warm, and when done properly, good-looking too. It’s basic, and is sort of like returning to earth, as most things are this time of year. It’s comforting like a cup of tea or crawling into bed when it’s freezing cold out.

5. Somebody has turned the heater on already. . . I hang my head in shame. (It’s like these people have no sense of cold. It’s going to get much, much worse. Of course, this goes back to the whole midwest thing, and how they like to be comfortable, even if it’s NO FUN for me.)

6. I have the urge to do things like bake bread, make tea, and eat soup, all of which I did yesterday. There’s only a little bit of soup left, about half a loaf of bread (and I made two loaves, damn locusts) and I’m almost out of tea. (Plain tea that is, I have enough “other” tea to last me till the end of time.)

So there we are. It occurs to me that I haven’t shown you my current sweater, the Seamless Saddle-Shouldered Sweater, for a quite a long time. I’m moving quite nicely along on this one. It’s sort of just going to be, at least I hope, a no-fuss sweater that just shows up here one fine day with perfect intentions of keeping me warm. (And Ohio gets freaking cold. Thankfully this year I won’t be spending most of everyday in the room with the faulty windows and horrid drafts, as I did last year)

The body is done, and one sleeve is. I swear to you that I’ve been doing things beside knit. But the thing is, this sort of knitting, plain, is really suited to my lifestyle at the moment. I’m doing lots of reading and visual things, which means that I have my hands free for a lot of that time. So, something that’s plain stockingette in the round is really easy for me to churn out while my mind is doing other things. The reason the bottom is curling is because I’m going to do a hem, and I’m going to do it EZ style. I’ve inserted short rows in the back, so it should fit. And, despite what you may read, if you’re going to do an EZ yoke pattern, you need to do the short rows. It’s vital that you do so, otherwise you’ll regret it. It makes the front go all awful on you, and is one of the best ways to take that newly finished sweater glow right out of you.

Anyway, so here I am, simply knitting and enjoying the brisk burst of energy that comes with this time of year. Enjoy.


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