I dug out ye olde learner’s cap last Wednesday I think it was. (I don’t remember what day it was, but I do remember that I was watching 27 Dresses for what is probably the twenty-seventh time.) This, if you’ll remember, is a present for one of my mother’s friends, who is a potential knitter. Usually, I don’t bother knitting for anyone I’m not related to or friends myself with, but this person is a potential knitter. (She quilts and sews, which is close.) So I feel like maybe, just maybe, this might be all I need to get her into Cornerstone Yarns and sign up for that learning class. (Actually, I’d send her to Jo Ann’s, I know the woman who teaches it, and I am not at all impressed with the teachers at Cornerstone. I’m just saying I could do better.)

Anyway, this friend sent me a picture of the cap she liked, and I volunteered to make it for her. Again, only because it could push her over that edge. It’s like  a football, with that hand thing going up one side (read: intarsia) and striped at each edge. Only it’s pink instead of brown.

In Knitting Workshop she suggests teaching someone to knit on a friendly and small cap, instead of the long and daunting scarf. It’s a good idea, but I already know how to knit, so I wasn’t sure what I should do for this. I thought that it would be a good idea to use it to learn something on — you know, in keeping with the spirit of things. (I am really into the EZ project now, can you tell?)

Well, I pulled it out last Wednesday, I think. And, thanks to some mid-day knitting yesterday (What, I worked all night, and I was working the counter, so I had to explain to about seven million people that they are NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE MORE THAN THIRTY ADULT ITEMS OF CLOTHING PER MONTH) I am moving right along with it. If I had known that I could finish it this soon, and I had my doubts, I would have gritted my teeth and done it a lot sooner. That’ll be one more off my list. (I’ve got twenty-four, I need to knit faster. But, I’ll be done in a year if I do two a month, which is very do-able)

Anyway, I’ll probably finish it tonight, as I have no life and will spend my Friday night watching TV and knitting. But that’ll make for good progress.

And once I get this done, we’ll have two sweaters from Ganseys, Arans, and Fair Isles, and one from Garter stitch.

To quote EZ: “Onward”


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