The month of Earth, Wind, and yes, Fire

Elizabeth writes:

September is the logical beginning of the year. Summer heat is nearly past, the weather begins to brisken up, schools open their doors to siphon out our beloved young out of the house for shorter or longer periods, adult activity starts to stir, and Mother forms good resolutions and makes lists.

Knitter’s Almanac

Dover Press, 1971

And isn’t she right? The year should rebegin right about now. The weather changes, schedules are reformed. The rigor of the day-to-day life returns with the shortened day. (Even if you do have a nine-to-five job, I imagine that Summer still feels different, it just has to. )

Anyway, this time of year is the greatest time of year to embark on new enterprises. So if you’ve anything you’ve been wanting to start, now is the time to do so. I am loving the weather so far, it’s been what I’ve been dreaming of  all hot summer long. It’s jeans weather, about time, and maybe tomorrow I can wear long sleeves, dare to dream, you know?

Anyway, it seems like Fall is here. And from what I heard on NPR the other day that we’ll have a white Halloween. So Autumn will be short around these here parts. And then we descend in to the long season of sweaters and snow, or tea and books. (Or as some call it, Winter) Oh, the seasons are such a comfort to me, no matter what happens to us, as time goes on, the seasons will change, and time will go on.

I’d been meaning to post that EZ quote up there for the about the whole month so far. Well, it’s the sixteenth so far, so you can how the month has gone, but I did find the time though to knit two of the cutest hats ever in the whole wide world.

And yes, these are for my soon to be nephew.


I forgot to take a pciture of the other one.


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