What next?

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, but I’m sure you found a way to pick up and move on with your life, because you all are a resourceful bunch. The internet was being pissy, I’m sure you understand.

Though I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to hear that I am done with Gaffer’s Gansey! Yes, I finished it and the swatchcap too, I think on Thursday or Friday. I am thrilled to be done with it too, It’s all washed and soft, and I still hate it. But who cares about that, I’m done with it, and I think that I may be more or less done with Ganseys for a little while. There is only one other Gansey in Knitting Workshop, but we won’t be talking about that for a while. You know, we have to keep morale up here. It isn’t that bad, but I just can’t see how people knit these. Like Wendy, how many has she made? One is more than I’ll ever want to do. Arans? A bucket of fun. Fair Isle? Hand me my Shetland. Garter Stitch? Hell, I’m thinking fond thoughts of it right now. (Maybe to the Rorschach next, but I did promise a friend that I’d make her a Pelerine.) But Ganseys, I don’t think that I have it in me to make another one here for a while.

My project journal tells me that I started this on July 18th, which means that it’s taken me almost two months to knit this thing. Granted I did knit other things in that time, but still, it’s too long to work on any project. We must not let this happen again.

I’m starting to whittle the projects down. I started June first, which means that in 3.5 months, I’ve done 7 projects, which isn’t bad, considering that I knit an almost adult sized blanket, and many sweaters. (Okay, three.) I’ve got 25 left to do, many Arans, three I do believe, and then you’ve got yoke shapings, which is about a million.(Or six.)

Well, it appears that I have got my work cut out for me. I notice that I’m receiving little encouragement from all of you. What do you think, that you can just be all hung-ho for this project till I get in the middle of it and then desert me? Well dream on!

Anyway, since I can’t show you my newest addition to my handknit sweater shelf yet, I can show you the thing that I’ve been using to keep myself busy until then.  

This yarn look familiar to any of you? (I had to use it.) It is knit out of some German Yarn that was a blog gift. (My first as a matter of fact.) It’s being knit into EZ’s Seamless Saddle Shoulder Yoke. It’s gauge is a perfect 4sts to 1inch, which I’m getting on a very fat US 6.

Did anyone hear that mention of knitting yesterday on A Prairie Home Companion? Who knew that one of the soul sisters could knit? Though she did say that you didn’t want to wear it.


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