EEK! The Gansey is Melting!!

I am so happy today that I’m not really walking around the house, I’m sort of just floating like a fairy or a cloud. Yesterday, Everything, washing/blocking aside, was done on the sweater before I had to leave at three. (Actually, I left like two minutes late to finish. I was still right on time though,  odd that.) I even finished the swatch cap. I didn’t finish it first because A, I wanted to knit a sweater, not a hat, and B, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough yarn. I did by the way, have over a ball extra, which fills me with possibilities, I love leftovers. 

Anyway, this morning, I washed the both and set them outside in the breezy sunshine to dry. I love washing knitting, even if the wool is a little smelly, and putting it outside to dry. I live with three other smokers, so everything that is in this house smells like it. (No, I did not say that to be pitied, but you may if you feel like it.) Anyway, I love it when my knitting smells like fruity shampoo (I collect hotel soaps, and save the really good stuff to was knitting in. By the way, conditioner works great to soften up rough wools.) Well, I put them outside, and did some other stuff, went for a walk, and while I was walking, it started raining. I went home, not because I hate rain – I love rain – I just didn’t love it right then. I’m fine with playing in the rain, but I don’t like getting caught  in it, at least when I’m not planing on it.

Anyway, when I got home, I saw it sitting on the deck, I cringed brought it inside, and there is sits, not even the floorspace for it. I had to put it on furniture, thankfully, it’s a slightly odd perch, which means the demonic minions cats won’t be laying on it.

So that’s drying now, and I haven’t ever been happier to see any knitting done. Maybe I have, probably actually, but I can’t think of a time. Ah, memory is a fleeting thing.

Speaking of memory, yesterday I started studying for another test, which will determine more or my future, but not quite as much as the last one. Compared to the eight-hour one I took, this measly four-hour one seems like piece of cake. Still though, time to hit those books once more. I like it though, it makes me feel useful and smart.


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