So close to Gansey

Hello World, and how are you doing on this beautiful day, I’m fine. Working this morning brought me home with a new pair of jeans, just my size, and, if I do say so myself, they make my ass look great. (Sorry Gonna, I’m sure you wanted to read that.) I also came home with an Ipod, the kind made by Apple, which is really great because, well, I’m poor, and I run a lot. See, perfect. (The manager okay’d it, but she is about seventy-five, and I’m not sure she knew what it was.)

Anyway, those above are two reasons why I’m in a good mood. Another reason is the weather — it’s not to hot, but not to cold either, the sort of thing that I love.  A friend of mine also just moved back to town — which means two things, one, her dream house is finally done, and she’s living where she’s finally wanted to live, and two, I have a ride to knitting once more.

I am also thrilled by the fact that I am almost done with the Gansey. You read that right, this thorn in my side, this bane of my existence, this black hole of my time, is almost done. As a matter of fact, it would probably be a lot closer to being done if I were working on it instead of writing this, but  do love blogging.

I hope to finish it and the swatch cap tonight at knitting. (I’m taking both.)

Happy knitting.

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