It’s been a while

Forgive me, it’s been a little while. I signed onto this job, thinking that it would be a part-time (you know, considering that that was what they told me it would be). And it is technically part-time, just a pretty big part of my time. So I thought that I’d have a nice leisurely break, work a little, and loaf about and just have some fun. Well, I’m fine with the not-full time, full time, but it does not leave me with a whole lot of time for fun internet things.

I’m way behind on my blogging, but not really my knitting. (Not that knitting is something that you can really be behind on. It’s kind of one of those things.) I’ve got a sweater, long finished that I need to talk about, as well as a finished shawl, as well as a major part of a coat. If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll note that that I am almost out of things to knit out of KW. As a matter of fact, I really only have about half an inch of body to knit, two sleeves, a hood, and buttonband, in addition to the fiddly finishing stuff, so yeah. (We’ll talk about that more when the time comes. I’ve got  a big two-part blog event. It’ll be great. I’ll talk about all my problems. Well not all. I don’t have that kind of time.)

Today though, we will talk about my Aran coat — which is really only because it’s downstairs and I don’t feel like going upstairs to get something. And these coats don’t appear often, which means that they should be well-documented, instead of the poor showing I’ve made here. But better late then never. (Seriously, this thing is almost done. )



That place where I’m pointing is the center front (to be cut later of course), and you can see the four cables that I am using, fishbone, plaited cable, sheepfold, and the chain cable. The back is a mirror image of the front. I’m almost done with it for now, it being at the stage where I’m about ready to cut the steeks and sew in the sleeves. I would do that now, but I need to get the needles for the sleeves, and then, well, knit them. I’m planning on doing the snow cuff, which is sort of an inner cuff that is knitted on. I was going to do a lining, but I don’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll add it on in later.

I’ve done a good bit on the body, and I think that I’m going to give it saddle-shoulders, instead of the drop-shoulder like I’d planned. This is mostly because I forgot to add a spot where it would be convenient to skeek for the armholes. I could finagle something, but really, when you’re cutting up your knitting, you really don’t want to finagle anything. And I like the idea of giving it saddle shoulders. Of course, this could lead to running out of yarn, and having to rip it out, but I guess that is just going  to be a risk that I am going to have to take. s

I’ve still got a lot to talk about, but I feel I must space out my content. Amazing, what a few weeks without a blog post will do.





  1. Oh how nice! I love aran knitting and yours is gorgeous. I think saddle shoulders could turn out to be much more interesting than a drop shoulder anyway, so that is a happy accident.

    I hope you’re still managing to have some fun despite the work schedule. You’re young! Have fun.

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