Well, I am now back in the land of the living. Back in the land of real people. (College Students don’t count as real people; I don’t know why.) I’ve actually been back since Thursday, but this is the first chance that I’ve had to write anything since being back. (Its been . . . a lot.) I’ve spent the whole day applying for jobs, and figured that while I was getting things done, I should probably write here.

Finals week went off, well, I’m alive. I think I slept maybe eighteen hours in five or six days. But I really don’t remember. History was rough, I had to write three essays for it, in addition to a couple of other things. But I made it through. And now that grades are out I can see that I did fairly well, considering that I was taking a lot of really hard classes.

Being home now, I think I knit more, though I haven’t seen any positive results from it yet. I’ve got a few things in the works now though, so lets take a look at them.

We’ll start with the thing that is the closest to being finished. Cousin Naglar


This is a sweater that is going to appear sort of like my sister’s latest pregnancy. It starts with a big hubbub, but by the time it arrives we’ve pretty much gotten over it. Due to it’s being done at four stitches to the inch it has flown by, despite the long amount of time that it was on the needles. (I left it at my parent’s house. This was on purpose, because I didn’t feel like carting it back to Kent for a few weeks. It needed very little work.)

I still need to sew buttons on it too. I may put pockets on it too, but I am not sure about that. I love pockets, I think they are great and clever as can be. However, I feel like this sweater is complete without them, and, this being a bit short for a sweater that they might look odd, or not be long enough. Any thoughts on this?

Up next is a little number that I started in Kent. The last thing that I started in Kent.


This photo fails to do justice to the wonderful “Garnet” colored yarn in the picture.  This is the Hybrid Sweater, from KW (as is everything in this post), and it is knit out of a coned yarn that I picked up a while ago because it was pretty and on sale. (That is a dangerous combination by the way.) I’m enjoying the knitting of it; perfect to pick up and put down as needed. It has been sitting next to me all day while I was applying for jobs, and saw a bit of action while I was waiting for a page to load. It helped me keep what little sanity I posessed during finals week and to keep me from killing my former roommate. (Something funny happened to day with him that I got wind of (facebook does have its advantages). My friend Jackson is transfering to OSU next year and he met my former roommate at the orientation. Jackson asked him if he was the same guy who used to be Garret’s roommate. What did Brad say, “don’t remind me.”  The fact that Brad thinks he can keep talking about me behind my back, this is just the latest, to my friends and have it not get back to me just shows how little he thought of me.  I so happy that he is gone — even though I am not relishing the thought of spending the summer in Wadsworth.)

Up next is a little something that is new on the needles, but hasn’t seen a lot of action. I bring you the seven-pointed shawl.


This has only been on the needles for a few days, but it still hasn’t seen more than an evening’s knitting done on it. It’s the spoke shawl from KW, and I’m not really loving it. I mean, it’ll be beautiful once it’s done, but the knitting is a pain. You have to increase every fourth row at seven points, which makes it cumbersome to remember where you are. I’ve solved this mostly by making the second row an eyelet row, so you have an increase round, a plain round, an eyelet round, a plain round, and then start from the beginning. Still though, it is a tad annoying, and this isn’t helped by the needles I’m using  — an old set with snaggy joins, and the yarn, a slippery rayon. But when it is finally finished it’ll really be something. I’ll probably use it more like a window drape than a shawl. (I actually have two of those now and I love it. It makes my bedroom look all mysterious. Oh, it’s a mystery alright.)

That about covers it all for now. I’ve got a few letters to write tonight, and I hope to finish all of them.





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