A few interesting developments . . .

Sorry about that last post. I was feeling all moody and introspective, and next time I get to feeling like that I want someone to come along and keep me away from the internet while giving me hard candies. About once every month or so, I’ll have a night like that. I don’t know what triggers it, or what brings it on, but I do know that it happens. I was due for one. That having been said, I’m fine now. It was a glorious day today — and I actually did get to see some of it. I also finished (mostly) a paper — which took about six hours instead of the twelve that I was planning on, which was nice. I also studied a little. (Or I may have just thought about it, I can’t remember.)

I also have actually been knitting a little bit. (Go a month without blogging, the knitting will pile up.) I’ll start with the big thing.


Here I am wearing part of the Cousin Naglar. So called because it is “cousin” to all of the other, standard yoke treatments. Instead of knitting the body and the sleeves, then joining and increasing for the yoke, you knit the body only, then increase out for the sleeves. When you’ve got 40% for the sleeves, you then put the body stitches on a piece of wool, to be grafted later, and then knit the sleeves down. I have done one sleeve when this was taken. (I took it with me for a visit home and there it stayed because I didn’t want to transport it back and forth and then have another thick sweater to pack up before I leave. Yes, that means that I’ll have to wait till fall next year to wear it, but I’ll live with that.) I’d managed to knit the other sleeve by the time I left it at my parent’s house.

The body is knit out of an old (older than me, and probably my mother), butternut wool, and the yoke is knit out of this wonderful Noro stuff that Cindy gave to me a while back. I didn’t have enough for a full sweater or a vest, but I wanted to use it in a way that would highlight it’s color changes. I feel like this yoke did just the trick.  I started this toward the end of March, and was able to make decent progress on it, due to its being knit at four stitches to the inch. As a matter of fact, the only knitting that remains to be done on it is the button bands and pockets. (I plan to steek it for a cardigan — you can see that belly a mile away.)

I also finished these.


They were started way back when in the pre-college days. (Back when I still did things like knit socks.) I knit all but a toe on them (one toe), and then for some reason put them away. Who does things like that? Me I guess. I found them when I was rummaging through some old baskets in my room over spring break, and decided to bring them back here and finish them. It wouldn’t take long, to just knit a toe.

Well, it did take me the better part of a month to knit them. I let them languish for a while longer. But I knit finished them up in the odd moments of this past week.


They were knit out of some German sock yarn that I bought at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival a few years ago. I think it might have been the first year that I went, maybe the second. So I’ve had this yarn for a few years — languishing seems to be a theme here.

They are a bit big, but I like them just the same. I wore them to a concert the day that they were finished so with all that standing and sweating they have already started to shape to my feet nicely.

And I enjoyed the idea of having more socks that I started these . . .


But that was only about an hour ago . . .

If you think I’m forgetting my Zimmermann knitting, fear not! I swatched for my next sweater today. (I almost wrote last sweater. There is only one left after this. Yikes!)



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