Last day of Break

Tomorrow I head back to college, back to the world of books, homework, early mornings and late nights. (There’s a few other things in that world, but I won’t go into my personal life to much here.) So of course I’m taking today to do the things that I should have been doing all week but haven’t. (I did just re-write a paper, ugh.)

But even in the midst of all this, I still found time to take a few pictures of the Fair Isle Vest from the end of Knitting Workshop.



I started knitting this on New Year’s Eve — the last day of 2013. I don’t think I made it past the ribbing. (I’m becoming increasingly fond of long stretches of ribbing at the hems of a sweater. I dutifully did my thirty rows of ribbing, and it was well worth the effort.)



I took it with me to school, but I wasn’t really able to work more than a few motifs while I was there. I was busy for one, this project wasn’t very portable, I didn’t have large chunks of time to work on it, and I didn’t feel like fussing with the tangling threads everywhere I went. It didn’t really see much action there for a while and sort of lived under my bed.  But thankfully I’d flown on the body of it while I was at home, so it was mostly done when I left last week.

I did the steeking — which due to my own stupidity I did wrong and had to sew most of it down to keep it from unraveling. (If you haven’t ever steeked don’t let that scare you off; I was just over confident.) But should be all fine now. You can’t really even tell all my blunders.



A close chest shot.

This project challenged me at times — you had to stay awake during it; there wasn’t any nodding of while I knit this. I couldn’t do this on autopilot. And there were times were you just had to accept the fact that things were going to go wrong from time to time, and that very often it was required a nice purifying rip.  (That’s the way I said it to myself.) But I think that the fact that this caused me a bit of trouble makes it all that much more dear in my eyes.  I wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble if I wasn’t going to be happy with the finished object. I am pleased to say that I am, very much so too.

It looks well with collared shirts and provides me with a bit of additional warmth while wearing them — something I feel is often needed. I also like the fact that this is professional “work wear” whereas, if this were a cardigan or something it  wouldn’t achieve that status.

The yarns that I used in this were varied and complex. There is a little bit of everything in there. The background color is a recycled yarn that I pulled out a while ago. One of the browns was a gift from Cindy, the other was from an old sweater. Both of the greens were from Cindy. One of the blues was a recycled yarn, and the other was something picked up at Goodwill forever ago. The white was a free yarn that was picked up at Barnes and Noble, and the blue green was something I bought at the LYS a couple of years ago. They come from all over.

That is all for now I suppose. It’s amazing the amount of things I can finish if you lift the burden of going to classes for me for a few days. That and if I don’t finish anything for at least a month before hand.


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