Another late night, Break post

Here I am, back at my parent’s house for the next week. (I am thinking very happy thoughts about the fact that I am childless and will most likely remain so.) Here’s a quick list of how I spend most of my time here.

1. Childcare, see above. (They’re like puppies. They’re cute for a little while, but I quickly bore of chasing them around. Only you can’t drop kids off at the pound.

2. Housework. I am guilted into this one. I’ll be sitting there, reading a book or something, and then Pop will be doing housework or something, and I suddenly feel that I should be doing something too. And he has this way  of being cranky and making you feel bad for not doing something. Not that I mind cleaning and laundry, I really don’t care, but I like to procrastinate that sort of thing until the last second, and then do a half-assed job because I do it in half the time.

3. Watch TV/Movies. I started watching Doctor Who in order to cope with the Tedium of being here on Winter Break. (I don’t know how I made it through that. Probably Doctor Who.) I have only watched it while here. I’m in the fourth season — I started on Christmas Day. That’s a lot of David Tennant — not that that is a bad thing. I also am enjoying the chance to get caught up on Downton Abbey. I also am very glad that Rent arrived, I’ve watched about three times since it’s got here. I love Rent, I feel that it is my life at times. (And the sad part is that other people think that it is my life.)

As an aside, I would also like to point out to you how much I love David Tennant. You don’t think I mean it. I would like to show you exhibit A.


I own this. This was taken back in my dorm room. You think I’m really odd don’t you? Don’t lie.

4. I would say that I read, but I’m in between books and don’t feel like something epic and life changing any time soon. I only want to re-read, and feel nostalgic about all the old feelings that reading that same old book can cause. Jane Austen and The Brontes are really bad to do that, but don’t think it’s limited to stuffy English women, Nora Ephron can do that to me too.

5. Speaking of nostalgia, I indulge in that frequently.  I re-read my old journals that I’ve kept since I was thirteen; I look at all the little pieces of memorabilia that I’ve saved over the years,  a knife from a friends birthday party, a few old business cards, some little trifles from work, that sort of thing. I guess part of it is being here in this old house. Four generations of my family has lived here, and I was raised here. My bed has been in the same place since I was ten. I remember the view out side of each window, and the neighbors that I have known my entire life, the spot where the garden was planted every spring, the carpet that I faintly remember being put in. I love to see and feel knew things, and I wouldn’t trade my life in Kent for much, but I do still like being in a house. I real house. If I’m sitting in my room and get tired of it, then guess what? I can go to another room and sit there. What an idea!

6. I knit. I knit a lot here. I’ve finished something, and am near to being done with something else. See, knit a lot. Big things too. Do you remember the shawl from the last post? (Scroll down if not.) Here it is in all its unblocked glory. (I left my pins in Kent, who knows when this thing will get blocked. I’m setting a lose goal for June — the key to always succeeding is to have low hopes. Here’s a night shot of the shawl.


Here it is, you know, done. It doesn’t look like much. I assure you that some better shots will follow. To make sure that you are aware that this is halfway-decent looking, not a square of Burlap, have this picture from last week.



(God my hair.)

And, a very exciting development has happened. I seem to have mostly finished my Fair Isle Vest. All I have left to do is an armhole and deal with all those ends. But the body of the thing is done, and there is very little left to do. Here’s a shot from earlier today, once the shoulders had been grafted, but the steeks were not done. (I call this the “Shetland Pillowcase Stage.”



It has since met it’s fate with steeks, here’s a post steeking picture of the neck, which is the only one that I’ve made neat and really, it’s the exciting one. (I love a V-neck done in the round with steek. You have a blister in you knitting, then you open it up and you have a wondrous, elegant V-neck. Knitting Magic.)



A little washed out, but not bad for a tablet picture taken at one in the morning.

I’ve tried this on and I love it. It’s a near perfect length and looks fantastic. I know that I probably shouldn’t say this before I’m all the way done, but I am looking forward to this finished object.

Also, due to the fact that I’m really loving this one, and will wear it all the time as a vest, I’ve made the choice not to change the pattern and make it a cardigan with sleeves. I am sure that I would love and wear it like that, but I will also love it and wear it like this, and this way is a lot less work, and would also serve the purpose of changing up my clothes a bit. I might, might break out of the pattern of cardigan and T-shirt every day. Maybe wear something with a collar. Who knows? I said maybe. Maybe.

So there you have my way of passing the time on break, and the two things that I’ve finished without really finishing. (Sort of like a metaphor for life, or at least mine.) Have a good week! May you find at least two good desserts.



  1. Ok, crazy idea but why not just steam the shawl and be done with it? Why does it need a rigorous blocking? Just sayin’.

    Your week will pass quickly. Maybe make a pie? That would cheer you up immensely. Then of course a run, pie related maybe.

    Have a good break and get lots of sleep!

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