What? Me? Knit?

The lack of blogging does not mean that I haven’t been knitting. This time it means almost the opposite, I’ve actually been knitting a great deal — more than I have this semester at least. Of course I’ve barely knit anything, so busy have I been.

This has taken some doing. It is not that I’ve found time to knit, I’ve made time. A while back I was having some kind of an existential crisis, wondering about everything from my major, my dating choices, who I am as a person, and what I do. Long story, one of the answers to the “who am I” question was knitter.

I felt the need to return to being a little bit more of myself, so maybe knitting a bit more would be good for my mental health. (This is because I have been wound up so tight this semester it isn’t even funny.) I’ve started making at least a half-hour a day to work on my knitting — it’s been like a regimen too, I think about how much I knit during the day. And, with a minimal amount of time, I’ve found that I can get quite a bit done if I try hard.

I hate to say this, but I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to sit and knit for a little bit, with a beloved TV show on, and a cup of tea by your side. The stitches briskly moving back and forth, following a chart, and moving right along. The wind rages outside but you are cozy and warm . . . See what I mean. I bet your blood-pressure went down just reading that.

The best part about this (aside from not wanting to kill either someone or myself) is that I’m actually knitting. There are things that are being close to finished! I can’t remember the last thing that I finished. (That might be because all the things in KW take so long to knit.) I’m almost three quarters of the way done with the border of my Stonington Shetland Shawl! I’m so happy to be near done with this, not that it was unpleasant knit. I loved knitting this thing.

The  center square of it is in garter stitch, knit on the bias, and then the four trapezoids that come off of it (connected trapezoids) are also in garter stitch. And then border is lace, but based in garter stitch! It is an orgy in garter stitch, which is a lot of fun, knitting every stitch. Perfect for doing while reading, waiting for classes to start, and watching TV in the dark. Now that’s all past and I’m onto the border, and while I will be happy to see this thing finished I’ll also be happy to see it done. The border is a lace pattern that I found on the internet and thought was pretty. I was in class when I looked this up, and I copied it down right then and there and started.

Now, here’s a few shots of it. I couldn’t quite get the whole thing in there, but you get the gist.



The shawl itself, or a corner of it. I haven’t knit a giant shawl once more, but a normal sized one, the size that the giant one was intended to be before I got all carried away. That poofy thing in the middle is the center square, and the other trapezoid ends just on the other side of my body.


Here’s a close up of the border. And my awful hair cut. I wear a hat almost everywhere now, and this picture is after a week of letting it grow. Oh, how I miss my long, brown, straight hair. (The hair dye killed the curl of my hair for a little bit, till it had a chance to grow out, which means for about three weeks, I had wonderous, long, brown hair.)

There you’ve got my knitting. I originally wanted to finish this shawl during spring break, but now my goal is to have it finished by spring break (Next week). I’m not sure if that will work out, as I’ve got a paper due Thursday, as well as an exam, but I’ll try. I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who recently, I’m in season four,  as well as trying to get caught up on Downton Abbey. (I kind of like not watching a show while it’s on then you can binge watch it later. This only works if none of your friends watch it.)

Time for bed for me. Class at ten tomorrow. It’s only swing dancing by I’ve got a test. A dancing test. I have to dance in front of the entire class. I hate those dancing tests.

To bed!




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