This Day

I have other things that I should be doing right now, I just feel the need to say that, but I’m not doing them, so ha! Fuck you school! (Just kidding Kent, I love you so much. Don’t fail me and try not to snow to much. I promise I’ll go for more walks soon.) I’d made the plans to write this earlier, but then I had a few professors dare to assign me homework (what do they think I am, some kind of a student! Let them to their own math.) But I’m doing this anyway, just another update with a minimal amount of knitting.

What have I been up to? Well, a lot. The most recent would have to be Bronchitis! Yep, over the weekend I started developing this awful, wet, wheezing, hacking cough. I originally thought that it was just a cold — a combination of the wet and the freezing cold temperatures manifesting themselves into my lungs. But thankfully at the urging of a friend I went to the health center. I was a little worried too, and was hoping it wasn’t more serious, like pneumonia or something. (I had pneumonia once in the fourth grade and I hope to never have it again.) Well, it wasn’t as bad as that — but it still was pretty bad. Yesterday evening I just laid down on my bed and coughed away like a character out of a Charles Dickens novel. I’ve got my anti-botics and I feel a little bit better today, so here’s hoping that tomorrow will be even better. (Also, can I get a cheer for those Z-pack things. I swear, six pills and zap zap, no Bronchitis. I will never stop marveling at the wonders of modern medicine.)

I would also just like to say that I’m proud of myself for not waiting till I couldn’t breath to go running to the doctor. I got in early and kept this from being much more than a mild problem. (Like I didn’t even miss a class though I was sort of “absent” from History and dance class was problematic.)

Other than that things have been moving along. Classes are hard — which I expected, but that still doesn’t mean that they are any less hard. At least I’m done every day but four o’clock. But still, a lot of work is going into this semester and I feel nearly certain that I won’t be able to achieve the same GPA of last semester. (I had a 4.0 till finals week. Freaking Finals week.)

I’ve been knitting a little bit, though not as much as I would like. I even pulled out the Fair Isle last night, though only long enough to work on it for a row or two. I’ve been knitting away on the Stonington Shetland Shawl in between classes and in the evenings. I’ve got about one and a half of the trapezoids left to knit, then a border and blocking, and then I’m done with it. When that will be — no one knows. (I’ve discovered that the knitting of a border takes nearly as long as the knitting of the shawl itself, or at least it feels that way.) But I’m excited to have it done with — not that it hasn’t been fun to knit — all that garter stitch is getting a bit tedious to knit — but because it is freaking cold here and I’m liking the idea of having a new scarf to wear under a coat. (The Pi shawl was taken out of this coveted spot due to the fact that I kept tearing it, and then having to fix it.)

And I had a few minutes today when I was idling around my room. I pulled out the list of what was to be knit and lo and behold I discovered that I’ve got 7 things left to knit. 7. Only seven left and I’m nearly done with one of them already, and one of them is halfway done. So that’s close. I mean really close. I mean, I could finish this off in a few months if I wasn’t in school. I still have to knit an Aran, and finish the Fair Isle sweater, as well as knit another lace shawl, but I think that it is pretty manageable list. And considering what I started with (31) I feel like this is good progress. It’ll be two years this June since I started, and in this time I’ve knit 24 things, mostly sweaters and shawls, but a few other things like hats and baby blankets.

This isn’t exactly a landmark, so I won’t be maudlin or introspective for any longer. I’m saving that for the end, when I finish this Zimmermann Project off once and for all. You’ve been warned about that upcoming (long time coming) post.



  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I’m glad you went to the doc since those things can drag on if you ignore them.

    Seven projects left to do! Wow! I think you may want to pace yourself a bit. Enjoy the ride dude, I hope it’s still fun for you.

    Hope you’re feeling better and not stressing too much about school.

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