Back to the Land of the Living

The only reason that I have the time to sit down and write this today is because they canceled school due to the cold. Really, I should be doing something else right now. (Cover letter anyone?) But really, anything knitting related is essentially something you do when you’re supposed to be doing anything else, so really, it fits.

As far as knitting is concerned, which is the real reason you all come here, I have actually been knitting a great deal — mostly on the go — and am making determinable progress. I started a shawl when I first got back to Kent, because I didn’t want to have to carry around a dozen balls of yarn to knit between classes. Of course though, this plan backfired a bit, and I’ve now knit almost half a shawl without even picking up the fair isle sweater. (It doesn’t help that I made a mistake on it the last night I was at home and don’t want to fix it. And it also doesn’t help that I realize that while I was making good progress on it, that I still had a lot of knitting left to do. So that’s that.)


So, I started knitting and the next thing I knew I have half a shawl. I’m knitting the Stonington Shetland Shawl from KW. It’s essentially a square with trapezoids coming off of each sides, connected trapezoids, and then a border around the edge. I’m making this one a bit on the smaller side, because while I love the Traditional Shetland Shawl — I don’t want to end up with another blanket. (I actually use it as a blanket.) I hope to wear this one as a scarf, because Lord knows I need one. (It is negative ten degrees outside right now. I haven’t left the building today. Say what you will about Wright Hall, say it’s full of druggies, say that the RA’s don’t do their job, say that the bathroom has graffiti, but we don’t have to go outside to get food. Granted, it’s not very good food, but at least I don’t have to go outside AND they are open all night. So ha! What was I talking about.

Oh right! Knitting. Anyway, I’m making this shawl in all garter stitch with a lace border, something with scallops. But we can think about that one later, right now I’m just knitting along on the garter stitch. It is simplicity personified, and that’s nice because I need simplicity at the moment. When I looked at my class list for this semester I thought that I might have gotten in over my head a little bit. Now that I am in all of these classes, I know I’ve gotten in over my head. College Writing has me writing two small papers a week (like one or two pages that require little to no research), Micro Econ has a longish homework a week, as does math. I have to read about two chapters in three books a week for history, as well as write a response to that, math has one or two homeworks a week, and I always have reading to do for Great Books to 1700. (Gilgamesh, a page turner, who knew?) So this is a lot, in addition to finding work, which has proven to be just as difficult as I thought it would be.

But I’m glad to have something do once again. After the boredom of break, I like the idea of having something to do, something to learn. It is nice that I don’t have to get up before eight am. And now I have to write a cover letter for a job as a secretary. I have a vague feeling I will be applying for more secretarial work in about four years . . . .



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