Not Dead

Just a quick note to let you all know, that despite a few ideas to the contrary, I am not dead. More so than that, I’m not only not dead, but I’ve also been knitting too. I’ve managed to knit about a third af a smallish shawl — The Stonington Shetland shawl, knit while waiting in between classes and watching movies. I am making a bit on the small side, simply because the last one that I made was large in the way a shawl shouldn’t be large. I haven’t really touched the fair isle sweater since I got here. Like I said, fair isle and college do not mix. That having been said, I probably should go work on one of the zillion books I have to read. By which I mean look at funny pictures on the internet for a few hours.



1 Comment

  1. Good to hear that you are still alive and kicking! I was beginning to think you fell off the face of the earth. ( Or froze up there in Kent) Keep up the knitting. I am sure with all you knit you have plenty of nice warms sweaters to keep you warm in this cold. Keep warm!

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