Modeled Shots!!

I meant to start writing this about an hour ago. But then I got sidetracked when a few professors made their book requirements. All but one have made their assignments. All told, it comes to around 450.00 dollars. I’ve already bought a few of them, taking me down to around 300.00 dollars. I’m getting even closer having been shopping around for a while, and found a few that I could get for a lot cheaper. This may, MAY, be another semester with the book bill below 200.00 dollars, which is really my goal in all of this. (Aside from you know, graduating.) Wish me luck.

But you don’t come here for the tales and trials of a college student, you come here for the knitting. And that is what I shall give you. Today, during a reasonably light hour. I had the forethought to finally take pictures.

Let me share with you.

Aviary Photo_130333688097077575


(I call this picture “I’m so much better than you.”)



The pattern is the genius seamless set-in-sleeve sweater from Knitting Workshop. It was designed when a critic of EZ told her that she couldn’t knit a set in sleeve in the round. And EZ, being EZ, took that not as a critisism, but as a challenge, and  produced the following sweater. The pattern in KW doesn’t have the V-neck, because Elizabeth said that it would make the directions too complicated. It probably would have, but I did it flying by the seat of my pants and like most things, it turned out fine.

Aviary Photo_130333688701781901


(I call this picture “I’m much more stoned than you. Man.”)


The yarn was Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, bought with a birthday present, ordered last spring, and I’ve been sitting on it ever since. It took most of 11 balls of yarn. One of which I only lost of a few months. I’ve lost lots of other things for a lot longer, so this isn’t too bad of a track record for this. (And I moved during this time too.)

Aviary Photo_130333689106513375


(I call this one, “I love my sweater so much more than you.” And “I’m much more cold than you.”)

I can’t really remember how long it took me to knit this sweater, let me look and see if I took a note of it. Nope, I didn’t. My notes on this are pretty cryptic, like most of my notes really. (I always think that I’ll remember this part later and I almost never do.) I have a gift for writing down the most useless stuff. It took me a while, I can tell you that. I think I knit the swatch in early October if that tells you anything.

The sweater was mostly knit while waiting for classes to start, or while reading textbooks. (Which I should be doing now really.) I also am sure that I knit a lot of it while I was with my friends. (I distinctly remember knitting this in the dark, while they all watched a movie and I fell asleep on Rush’s bed.)

I think this means I’ve got seven left in KW. Let me look and count — the list is back at Kent. Yep, seven more to go. And one of those is already well under way. I mean about halfway to the underarms. Who knew that Fair Isle would go so quickly?



Here I am, after about a weeks progress. Now I know how Wendy did all of these so fast. That Fair Isle Voodoo. Granted, this isn’t my best knitting, but it really feels nice. I am enjoying doing it, and it will get better after blocking and washing.

One of the reasons for a fast progress on this is a little challenge to myself. I know that Fair Isle, with all the colors and charts, while being a lot easier to do than I thought it would be, isn’t college knitting.. (This isn’t my first color pattern knitting, and not even my first Fair Isle knitting, but this is the first time that I’ve done it on a sweater scale — much more room for failure.) I can’t really just chuck this in a bag and go, at least not without a bit of forethought and some space. So I thought to myself “What if I can finish it before I can get back to Kent?” That isn’t likely to happen, but I’m going to get as close as I can, and maybe get close to finishing. When I get to Kent I’ll start something else big and boring with lots of plain knitting and save this for when I’m able to focus on it. Sound like a plan?

Also, I’ve had an idea for this sweater. Could I add sleeves, and possibly make it a cardigan? I mean, I could, and I think that I would wear it more that way. There are knits that you wear, and then there is this, which is more of an art piece, than a part of my wardrobe. I’d like to change that if I can — have it be a part of both. I think that I could if I wanted to. I’ve got enough yarn and whatnot, and it would make me feel like I covered the Fair Isle section a little bit more thoroughly. I think that I just might. Why not? Thoughts on this? The only downside I can think of is that it would be more knitting — but is that really a bad thing when you’re having as much fun as I am?




  1. OOoh! Modeled shots with “moods”. Nice. The sweater is freaking perfect. I think you’ll wear it until it becomes a pilly mess that is hanging by s string when you’re in grad school. More motivation for me to get mine going (with yarn strictly incarcerated to prevent more hijinks).

    The fair isle is nice – masculine colorways but not too busy. If you’ll wear it as a cardigan with sleeves, go for it! Steek with abandon.

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