New Year. Happy? Maybe . . .

I, like a lot of people — or at least people on the internet, am not one for New Years Resolutions. I feel that if you are going to do something that you should just do it while you have the gumption, because that will always fade quickly. However, if you are like me and enjoy procrastination, then I find that spring or fall is the best time to start something new. The weather outside is changing right? Why not change yourself. With this in mind, New Year’s eve has pretty much become a ritual for me. Like watching the Oscars, or The Sound of Music at Easter.

However, it does provide an excellent time for a little bit of late-night introspection. I am a hopelessly narcissistic person, so I look for any chance at all to think about myself. And you, my lucky readers, get to hear it. Last year I spent New Year’s Eve with a bunch of people who I thought were my friends, but who haven’t called me in since I left for college. (To be fair, I haven’t called them either, but there are a lot more of them then there are of me.) This year I was with my family, but they all went to bed early, so really after ten it was just me, sipping Champagne all by myself. I thought about who I was last year, and I know that I would have been bawling my eyes out about being alone and all that nonsense. But this year I wasn’t. I was concentrating on all the happy times that I’ve had this year, instead of the moody brooding about what a shitty year it was. (And it was shitty in the way that a year seldom is. In six months twice I had to hold my screaming family members off of each other. And that’s just the tippy-top of that iceberg. But this is a knitting blog, and I try not to go into that here.) It had a lot of good moments. Moving out was a big one. Holding down my first real job was another. (I’m defining “real job” as a job with a dress code.) Starting college was another, as well as meeting everybody at college. (I’m homesick for college, isn’t that crazy. I miss  my friends, oddly in a way that I never missed my family.) That exam worth 40% of my grade that I got 100% on. (I finished that class with 101%.) And what’s more important I looked, and still do, to the New Year with hope. I greeted it by laughing at how loudly I was burping. (Damn Champagne!)

It makes me think of that EZ interview at the end of A Knitting Glossary (That’s a video, in case you thought you were missing a book or something.) It was taped on New Year’s Day, and to quote EZ, “Let us all make good resolutions. . .  Not to follow knitting directions.”

I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year.




I’ve been knitting a lot, not that you would ever know it to look at my blogging schedule. And my pictures! Oy vey! A recent present has a camera on it, though not a very good one, and with the overhead light on, I can get a decent picture after dark.

I’ll do a quick run through now, with some more detailed and/or modeled shots coming up later.

First up, the newest sweater off the needles. (The one where I turned into Silvia.)


This is the seamless, set-in-sleeve sweater, with a V-neck. (EZ said that doing both together would gum up the directions for your first seamless, set-in-sleeve sweater to an intolerable degree. Ah, what does she know?) A fast run down: The yarn was a birthday present from Sil, the pattern was from KW, I think that leaves me with seven left — the master list is at Kent. (Seven! I will talk about how freaking thrilling that is at a later date. Probably at six.) I knit it over a few month, with many forays into other projects. I am in love with this sweater. Even before the blocking it was smooth and soft, and now it’s really smooth and soft. It fits me perfect, right width, right length, correct angle on the sleeves, correct everything. It took a bit of ripping, but as I wear it, it’s just perfect.

I also knit a hat for Thai. I don’t think that it warrants a picture because it isn’t technically done. (It needs blocking and for me to finish off the top.) This is the sixth hat that I’ve knit for friends this year, and I still have a few more that I should do. (I may not, but I should.) It is green and white, with “THAI” written on it. More to follow. Use your imagination.

The hat for Thai though was really just to procrastinate on this, my next KW project. All I have at the moment is a paltry two inches of ribbing, so pic either. But it’ll be something when I’m done with it — or at least it better be. I’ve hunted up about two dozen shades of yarn (or ten, it felt like a lot), made a list, swatched, washed the swatch and started The Fair-Isle V-neck vest. (She shows you several sweaters like this in the back of KW, but only provides the pattern for this one, and I’ll tell you now, I’m not knitting the others. I draw my line there. (And I kind of want to be done.)  I’ve got a basket full of yarn next to my bed as I write this, all planned for this sweater. I may end up heavily altering this pattern, to the point where it is a cardigan with sleeves, but I’ll still try to stay as true to the original pattern as I can.

I’m nervous. This will require me to think. I don’t like to do that. And really, I don’t have the mental capacity, given that break has taken away my minimal powers to think. And this probably won’t change when I return to the world of classes, note-taking, writing papers at four a.m. because I cannot find any other time of the day to do them, and that hardy perennial, job applications. I remember when I first started this madness, this was one of the things that I was worried about. I’ve done color work before, loads of it, but never the constant changing, little patterns, no-rhyme, no-rhythm patterns that make up those sweaters from Northern Scotland. I don’t live in a moldy cottage. I live on the ninth floor of a dorm room. I have internet for crying out loud!

But yet, here I am on break, right at the jumping off point.

Send a sheep dog.


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  1. I like the Silvia Sweater! I would like a modeled shot though, am I being too pushy? Sadly I ripped out my top down, v-neck sweater so I shall have to try again.

    I too would only make one fair isle vest, you don’t need more than one. I suspect it’ll be fairly easy for you since those fair isle patterns aren’t usually too complicated when taken row by row.

    Happy new year!

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