Another Late Night Post

It would appear that I am still on College time. That is the only explanation that I can think of at least. The only way to explain staying up till two a.m, and then sleeping the day away. (More sleep than an adult really needs to function.) Oddly enough, I am still tired all the time. I can only conclude that my body is just used to being tired all of the time. I sleep whenever I get the chance, and yet still it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Break life is odd. It’s dull in the respect that I really have nothing interesting to do. (Well, there is knitting and watching movies, which is its own form of entertaining.) But I really have a lot to do. But it’s all that family together mushy stuff that I loathe. I can’t use the word “fuck” around my nephew who is that tender and impressionable age, and really, after living in a dorm for a semester, “fuck” is about 60% of my vocabulary. And the other 40% is pretty much limited to me, so that’s out the window and I’m just saying nothing.

So here I am, silent, sleepy and bored. The new SSB. (Those who know me from college will get this. Ask me and I’ll share the joke with the rest of you. It’s like a picture of me in my underwear — I don’t really care who sees it, just not something that I would care to share on the internet.)

But I’m still knitting a ton, even if I rarely remember to take a picture of it during the daylight. (I sleep so late that there really isn’t much daylight left. ) Most of it is for other people. I’ve got one pair of slippers left to do then I can hop on the me train once again. (There’s a really funny post about that, also related to how I am becoming Silvia — link on sidebar. Also because I am far to lazy to link.)

Aviary Photo_130319886099643504


Here we’ve got a scarf — the first that I’ve knit in years I think. (The last one was an entrelac one that I finished about two years ago.) I like knitting this one. After so many big sweaters and things for KW, it was nice to knit something little and quickly finished. (Don’t ask about the V-neck, that’s in the future post about how I’m becoming Silvia.)

I knit it in some mistake rib that I can’t really remember the name of. It’s the one with garter stitch instead of reverse stockingette. Broken rib maybe? Anyway, I know this stitch has been written down many times, but I think that this one was one that just came out of my head — I can’t place it. Anyway, it’s a nice departure from the standard for most of my scarves — garter stitch.

The yarn was the first blog present that I got a while back from Joe. (Link on sidebar, again I’m still lazy.) The same Joe who has vanished from blog world. Oh, Joe, where have you gone? (I’m trying to get a rise from him and prove that he’s still alive.) I made myself a sweater out of it. (The saddle-shouldered sweater.)

Next up!

Aviary Photo_130319887209682275

If you can’t already tell, this was a night photo.

I don’t really have that much to say on this one. It was quickly knit, out of a stashed wool that didn’t have a label. (I knew it was a wool though, I can just tell. And I lit it on fire. It was a wool.) I think it was knit at about 4 stitches to the inch, but didn’t check it. I also was working with larger needles on this one, which means all bets are off as to what gauge this loose knitter will get. I played fast and loose with the knitting rules and I won! Ha ha! ( I feel nervous now. Something bad is about to happen. I just mocked fate.)

Next, and the last:

Aviary Photo_130319886216984091


What we have here is a pair of socks, another night picture, and another gift. (This is me cutting back the presents I swear.)

I knit them at about 6 stitches to the inch. They are ribbed, as all gifted socks should be. (I can never be 100% sure if they are the right size and ribbing is a bit more forgiving than stockingette when it comes to ease.) I knit them out of Sirdar Denim Tweed DK, which I bought at Goodwill, but it had a tag on it from the store that it was originally from, and as it turns out I knew the owner! I knit them in about five days. They were knit toe-up, which is something that I usually don’t do. I just don’t like the feel of it. I get the practical value of it, being able to use all your yarn, fitting, etc, but I just don’t like to do it. But as I was casting these on I didn’t feel like casting on 56 stitches, so I cast-on 12 instead. (Once again, laziness. I swear before college I used to do stuff. Oh, those were the days.)

Don’t ask about the Zimmerman project. It’s kinder not to ask. Let’s just say that I intend to hit it hard after the break and during all the time that I’ll have next semester.




  1. I like the scarf and the socks best. I haven’t knitted for quite awhile, because I’m a chicken and too lazy to attempt anything more complicated than a scarf yet. You can email me about the SSB thing if you want, but if not that’s fine too.

  2. Staying up late and sleeping in are perfectly normal college student, home on break behavior patterns. Worry not.

    One day we’ll all freak out when you take a daylight picture of your projects–or we could just send you some 100 watt bulbs so you can create your own sunshine whenever you awake.

    As much as I don’t like to knit for others, I am knitting two items this xmas. One is done – a hat as yet unblogged because I am lazy and the other is a simple cowl that I’ve now ripped and reknit three times. It’s presently in v.4 and will get thrown away if not the right dimensions now. Plus I have to go to work tomorrow and won’t be back til the end of the month. THEN, it’s back on the me train where I’m happiest.

    Have a good xmas!

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