Back to the Norm

Well, I survived the break, and am back at Kent once more. Though it’s only for two weeks, (and what a fortnight that shall be!) and then I’m back for the long, long month of Christmas break. However, that will have the glowing achievement of having made it through one semester. That means that in two weeks I will be one eighth of the way done with college. Oh my, how this semester has flown by! But I’ll save that post for later. This one is supposed to be about knitting, which is getting done, despite my poor track record at documenting it. It’s easy for me to knit a bit here and there on the go, but I can’t write a blog post in that manner. I need to have at least an hour to bang one of these things out.

Well, lets start off with the promise from the last post — better pictures of the Gansey. I took these a few minutes ago up in my room.

Aviary Photo_130305834537993883                                                                                  Aviary Photo_130305833954351654


I think that these are at least an improvement on the old pictures. I like the Gansey  — it is a pretty sweater and looks good. I’m a little “meh” about the finished object, but I am so happy to have this one done! If you don’t count swatching (which I don’t) then this is the first sweater I’ve finished here at college! Ha ha! I feel like this should prove something, even if it doesn’t really — maybe that I can get things done and that those little moments of stolen time do add up. This was almost exclusively knit on before classes started, and in other little minutes here and there.

The yarn is a recycled cotton from a sweater that I got back when I still worked at the clothing store back in Wadsworth. I picked up the sweater, I think it was a medium and pulled it out. But I didn’t think that it would be enough to do a full sweater out of. So I planned on saving it for some kind of a yoke sweater or something like that. But right before I left, we had the exact same sweater donated to us. It was the same yarn, made by the same people, the only difference was that it was an extra large. I left that at home because I didn’t feel like taking it out, and I didn’t have the time before I left for college. Well, I knit the sweater, and while it was a touch close (this is a snug sweater) I still had enough yarn — and that was a medium. And now, what am I going to do with the extra large.

The pattern was cobbeled together from the Gansey directions in KW, the chart from Knit one, Knit All, and the picture that she shows you in KW. I didn’t really want to knit this sweater, I was just doing it because it was on the list, but I really am happy with the finished object. It fits me well, and I think is a good looking sweater. I’ve had a lot of those moment’s here recently, and I’m pretty happy with that.

This is the ninth thing to be done out of KW. I am thrilled beyond words about this. And even more so because I am super close to being down to eight.

Aviary Photo_130305835088782041


What you see here, is the sweater that has also grown like a mushroom. This is the set-in-sleeve sweater, with a V-neck. (The V-neck isn’t in the directions in KW. If you want the V-neck with the set-in-sleeve you have to order the pattern from Schoolhouse Press. I didn’t bother with that though, and just started the V-neck when the decreasing started eating up the body stitches. It worked out alright, even if it is a bit of a deep V-neck.)

The set-in-sleeve in the round is something that I thought would be difficult and tiring, but really it was so much easier than I thought it would be. And what’s more, I actually had the same amount of upper sleeve stitches. I don’t really care about this – I just fudge the numbers but this happening is still a happy circumstance.

I did a crochet steek to the V-neck because I didn’t feel like hauling out the sewing machine. It’s really near to being done, but the thing is — it’s not really long enough. So I’ll have to fix that — I’ll see what it looks like after blocking. I don’t have a lot of yarn left, but enough for maybe a few rows to add a bit of length to it. Having enough yarn was a bit of a close one — I finished this (I need to bind off the collar and weave the underarms) so I’m not sure how much more length I will be able to add to it. I can unravel the swatch.

I had the final in my math class today, and I passed it with an 87%. Not to bad considering that I didn’t really understand any of the material. And there is a final in my physics class tomorrow, so while I’d like to keep talking about knitting I really do need to study for this test considering that I don’t really have any idea what it is all about. (I have an A in that class and I would like to keep it that way.)



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