A Whole Bunch of Stuff

Well, to start off with, the old keyboard just bit the dust. That is not a good thing. The kind that I buy is the cheap kind, so after a few months they are just sort of done. I am writing this with the on-screen keyboard, and it is pretty tiring having to click on the “s” when I need one. I have two options. I could buy another keyboard, which I would be okay with, however, part of me doesn’t want to pour more money into this problem because I know that sooner or later I will have to have it fixed. I would have it fixed, but I also don’t really have the money now. (Being an unemployed student funds are tight, and I physically have the money, but it might make buying books next semester a bit tight. And I will have a lot of money in books next semester.) But I still have one paper left to do this semester, and writing it this way is going to drag out an already arduous process. Another factor – when I first broke my computer, the mouse didn’t work, but after about three months it started working, so part of me thinks that if I keep waiting, then the problem will correct itself. Conflicted — that is me. Oh well, on to what I really wanted to talk about.

The random format is because I haven’t posted in a while, and don’t see how I can convey my thoughts in any logical order besides that.

1. I’m at my parent’s house over Thanksgiving break. Five long days and five long nights. Five. Feels like a lot more than that, just saying. Good note — my sister and I are getting along better, bad note, I’m eleven once again. I’m spending a lot of time in my old room, listening to James Taylor — in other words I am back in high school. However, I have Sunday to look forward too (when I get to go back to Kent) whereas in high school I had to wait years for this.

2. I’ve been knitting, despite the silence on the subject. I have been knitting a lot, well, not a lot, but a little. I finished off this little number:

Aviary Photo_130301719107035636


(ha ha, the keyboard still has a bit of life left in it. I shall conserve it.) I promise a better picture once I get back to Kent, and or have the time to blog in the day time.

This is Mrs. LaidLaw’s Gansey, which is given a brief mention in the book Knitting Workshop, but expanded further in the video. Really, it’s just her basic gansey instructions — start at the bottom, gussets, cut for the armhole, join shoulders with a knitted garter stitch strap, and the sleeves knitted down from there. The stitch pattern isn’t in KW, but it is in another EZ book (Knit one, Knit all) so that’s why I slapped it on the list.

This sweater is a number of firsts for me. This is the first time that I’ve knit a pullover Gansey that didn’t make me look as big as a house. (This one is actually a touch tight.) This was the first time that I did this the way EZ says you’re supposed to, which is knit it all in the round and then cut it all for armholes. The last Gansey I made was a much more simple pattern and it wasn’t hard for me to knit it flat. However, this one is a bit more complex than that one, and it would have been a lot more work with a lot more room for error, so I felt that I would get a better finished object if I were to knit it in the round — which I feel that I did. But I’ll give this one a post of it’s own one day, and elaborate more on it then.

3. Oh, and this means (I think, the list is back at Kent) that I’ve got nine more things left to knit from KW. And one of them is a yoke sweater that has already been united for the yoke, which means it’s almost done. (I’ll show that one later, I forgot to take a picture of a minute ago, and it won’t be a decent picture anyway. This is more of a “I’m still alive” post than me actually trying to tell you anything.

4. I’m losing my roommate. Devin is moving in with a friend he made at college, so I’m going to have to find, or be assigned another one. I’ve been doing a little hunting, feeling like a poacher as I ask men if they are satisfied with their roommate. I’ve got a few prospects — Ryan is strongly considering it, his roommate is nice enough, but he’s too messy for Ryan. I am neater, and I’ve been drumming up how much nicer it would be if he were to live with me. (I don’t want to be the reject, so sue me.) And we would get along well too. However, I do feel bad for leaving Ryan’s roommate alone. But I could get over that.

5. The gift exchange. I have a large group of friends at college, and we all wanted to do something for each other for Christmas, but it was out of the question for us to buy for everybody, so we did a little gift exchange. We all drew names, meant to be a secret and went about our shopping and planning. But I am a nose-y little cuss and I was snooping and hinting around to find out who my person was. I had a list. Well, one day some of us wanted to do our shopping, so we went into Kent, and we went to the little hippy shop there. They’ve got all sorts of neat jewelry there, and a bunch of knitted things. Lynsey and I were trying on the finger-less gloves and I said “This is something that I probably wouldn’t make and certainly wouldn’t buy, but I’d love to have a pair of them.” Guess who my person was — Lynsey. She went back to the shop and bought the same pair that I’d been trying on. How sweet.  And that was even more funny because I had ruled her out too, so I was totally shocked.

I’ll talk more tomorrow or the day after. I’m tired and want sleep (I’m still on college time). I’ll save the apple dumplings and new sweater for later. Have a happy Thanksgiving, even though there is only about ten minutes of it left.




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