No Time

No time left for much of anything. This is true. I’m knitting mostly in between classes, thankfully my schedule gives me several periods of about 15 minutes of waiting. I think that I’ll be able to pull of the same next semester, and I register for that in a few hours. My friends and I are all waiting up till midnight and schedule together. And I’m also so proud of myself that I know how to spell schedule. That was one of my “hard words” during my years of homschooling. See, college education paying off.

This post sounds weird, I know.

I have been knitting during everything here recently — that is the only reason that I’m getting anything done. I’ve got about half of a sleeve left on my gansey — plus a bit of finishing. I would put a pic of it up here now, but I’m in front of people, and while they wouldn’t think me that weird, I still do have standards, instead I will show you this picture of Grant and Karen wearing their matching denim shirts, and doing the prom picture pose. It’s a little blurry, but cute. (They are both my cute little babes.)




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