Lit Study and Gansey

Okay, so the funniest thing happened in Lit study this morning. We are in the middle of student presentations this week. (I will tell you about mine here in a minute) and usually these things are really boring, but today was pretty fun. This presenter was doing a poem where a man is essentially talking about the women in the Victoria’s Secret Catalouge. We talks about their faces and their faces and their bodies, then gives the product description, sort of to rationalize his behavior. Towards the end of the poem, he mentions something about the rushing river, then something about the blooming roses, and then something about snow flying past the windows. No one in the room was addressing these, and I just couldn’t resist. I swear, I couldn’t. So I raise my hand and say something like, “You all are probably going to think I’m a pervert for noticing this, but the imagery of this line, seems to me like the guy is mastorbating.” The whole class laughed, and I went on to explain my reasoning, which all agreed was rather sound (he was looking at women in their underwear). After me, with the whole class, the professor asked if there were anymore questions or comments. Of course, no one could top that, so he said, “It’s appears we’ve reached climax. ” (He actually said that.)

Anyway, my own presentation was last week. I was doing a Psychological Criticism of Walt Whitman’s “There was a child went forth.” I worked all weekend on it. (Well, almost all weekend. It was Halloween here. Kent has a HUGE Halloween.) I did a good job, and the professor told me that it was the one of the most through readings he’d seen yet. (Every line of the poem I traced back to Erik Erikson’s Theory of Adult Development. Every line.) But it was really embarrassing, and it was all my fault. Okay so this class is at 7:45, so you know, I need coffee beforehand. (I even went to bed before midnight that night.) I get a cup of coffee from the diner downstairs, but it’s all watery, so I tossed it out on the way up, and got one from Munchies. (Another little market on my way to class.) I get a cup of coffee, but I’m running late, and I need caffeine. (I thought I was going first, I was second.) So I take a drink of it before it was cooled properly and I burn the shit out of my tongue. It was a really bad one too, and I had a lisp that morning that turned my “S” into a “th”. Remember that my presentation was on  Psychological Criticism. You can imagine how much fun that was.

But, everyone was impressed with me. (There are student evaluation things that get sent to the presenter.) One said that I had an impressive amount of energy for 7:45 in the morning. Another said that I was one of the best yet. And another said that I was probably interested in theater. (That made me laugh out loud.) I did get a 100 on it.

My friends and I are planning on doing a gift exchange the week of Thanksgiving before we leave. There’s about 15 of us all exchanging gifts. Then the week after Thanksgiving we are doing our own version of a potluck Thanksgiving, with all of us bringing something from home. I am bring pie to the latter.

I have been knitting enough recently, despite the radio silence. The sweater from the last post has seen a lot of action, it being both mindless and portable. I work on it while reading, while watching TV (what little I do watch) while waiting for classes to start. Sometimes during the classes. It has almost all of a body, and almost all of a sleeve. So, that one’s moving right along, mostly because I was waiting for a chance to steek my Gansey, so I was working on it soley. Now the Gansey has returned to the forefront. I talked to Deanna, my friend downstairs, and she let me use her sewing machine so I could sew and steek it. And I did just that. I am now joining the shoulders together with a strap of Garter stitch — like Elizabeth suggests.

This really is a clever trick for joining the shoulders of a sweater. I need to use it more often. You cast on 12 and then at the end of each row you knit two together with a stitch from the body. So you are joining them them together. And you also increase every so often to shape the shoulders, and raise the back of the neck. When you divide for the neck hole, you put most of the stitches on the back, and a few on the front, which raises the neck.

And that’s all for now. I have a paper on a poem to write.




  1. That Lit study presentation about the Victoria’s Secret catalogue poem sounded hilarious; wish I could’ve been there.

    Sucks that you got a lisp from burning your tongue on your coffee (Ouch!), but I’m glad you still did really well on your presentation.

    Hope you have fun during your Thanksgiving celebrations! I’ll be turning 21 the Friday before Thanksgiving this year (my birthday actually lands on Thanksgiving about every six years because of Leap Year, I think, so the double celebration thing is kind of fun). I’m thinking of trying something alcoholic that weekend, just because, although I intend not to become a much of a drinker. Do you have any recommendations for good drinks? I think I’d prefer something sweet.

  2. Kudos on the ace assignment! It seems like you’re settling in and finding your college niche. I hope you’re having fun and studying, both are important!

    Tell Olivereads that you can’t go wrong with a 21st birthday filled with margaritas (good ones – no premade mixer if poss). A tequila drunk is what you need when you turn 21.

    • I know, I’ve not had a grade here yet that was not an A. (There were a few low ones though.) Everyone says college is supposed to be harder, but this is the highest GPA that I’ve had in my life. Of course, I’ve got a paper due for my lit. study course that might not do so well. (I’ve got a 99.26% in that class.)

      I’ll pass that tidbit on to Amanda. I know her personally. And I don’t like what it says about me that she asked me of all people for good drinks. I’m in college, it’s not like I brought a blender and shaker. The closest to mixed drinks I come is putting OJ in the Vodka. (And once Crangrape which was the most discusting thing I’ve ever drank. Straight would have been better.)

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