Crunch Time

Now is that time that upperclassmen refer to as “crunch time” and I can see why. I had two exams this week, a presentation, and a paper due. Plus last weekend Halloween was celebrated here in Kent, and Kent is known in this part of Ohio as being famous for its Halloween. So, I’ve been running on empty here for a little while, as evidenced by Monday night when I kept falling asleep on a friends bed. He got mad at me and kept throwing a pillow at me to wake me up. What was wrong with me falling asleep on his bed? I fall asleep lots of places these days. 7 Ideas is a particularly great class to sleep in, because the room is so dimly lit. There was one day I kept trying to doze off, but every time I would have to write something down I supposedly looked like I was being asked to perform some monumental task. Even as I write this now I’m starting to feel the feathery fingers of sleep close in around me. I must fight them, because tomorrow morning, at 7:45 I have a presentation due.

But even in the midst of these yawning, I am getting some kind of knitting done.

picture066Over there is the first, maybe half, of a set-in-sleeve v-neck in the round. (If you are aren’t a knitter, trust me, that’s a big deal.)

It’s actually even bigger of a deal for me, as I don’t have the instructions to add in the V-neck because Elizabeth said something like “To put the directions for the V-neck in with the set-in-sleeve would gum up your instructions to an intolerable degree.” I think she just didn’t want to type it up. (Remember what typing was like in 1979. It was only marginally faster than rubber stamping.)

Well, call me stubborn, but I want a v-neck. I’ve done the V-neck in the round, and it was devilishly simple, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to stick in in these directions. (Famous last words.) The set-in-sleeves are supposed to be a difficult thing, but I really don’t think they will be — or at least no more than the Saddle-shoulder. Once you get that you’re just decreasing in different directions, it’s really just a matter of  following directions.

The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, in Opal Heather — if that means anything to you. (And yes this was Birthday Yarn  .) And let me tell you, that picture does not do that color justice — it’s impossible to find a picture that can really capture this stuff (And one where I don’t look like a stoner. Believe me, I DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO SMOKE POT!) It’s sort of a blue-gray, but looks almost teal in some lights, and looks almost green in some, and can look like it has purple in it. So really, this is not exactly a definitive color, which I think will help to give me that whole mysterious quality that I so crave.

It is knitting up beautifully, and is sailing along at five stitches to the inch. This is all plain stockinette, hence the progress. (It’s really easy to knit while reading text books, just saying.)

I’ve met with my Faculty Adviser now, and she’s essentially told (and shown) me how many things that my Academic Adviser has done wrong. For instance, I can wait until the fall to take a language (Italian here I come), told me to try and test past the College writings, and told me how I can add two minors with only taking about 6 more classes over the course of two years. (I like the idea of a writing minor — considering that’s what I actually want to do.) And I also like the idea that I am so close to not having any 7:45 classes next semester. I can taste it. I can’t wait for it. I want it so bad. It doesn’t help that the days where I don’t have a 7:45, I have a 9:15, which is still a touch early. But I feel like the 9:15 is my “late class” so I can stay up late — so really I don’t get any more sleep on those days than I usually do.

And that’s it for now.



  1. Wish I could see your mysteriously-colored yarn in person. It sounds like such a beautiful color!

    I looked up pictures of your notorious crush the other day, and like I said in my email I don’t really think he’s that hot, even as a young man, sorry. But if your thing is mustachioed (yes, that is the correct spelling) men, then that’s perfectly fine with me.

    That’s awesome that you’ll be able to take Italian!

    Glad you had a fun Halloween celebration at Kent! What did your friends dress up as? I’m still debating about dressing up, and the actual holiday is tomorrow. I really need to become more decisive…

  2. Yay for getting competent advice! I hope you get nothing but late classes!

    The sweater looks good and I’m glad you found some lovely yarn to celebrate your birthday with 😉 I adore blue/gray since (like you) it’s the color that changes my eye color perception. (I assume eyes don’t change color, just reflect differently colors?)

    Get some sleep dude!

    • I know, it’s nice to talk to someone who doesn’t stick solely to the roadmap, and who actually thinks about what I want. (To an extent.) I’m hoping to have all my classes start around ten — early enough to where I will get done reasonably early, but not so early that I’ll fall asleep. I actually haven’t missed one yet — I’m fallen asleep in some though.

      My eye color doesn’t actually change color, but the perception does change though. I just like to say that it changes eye color because it sounds odd.

  3. Also, in my email, I mentioned something of a very personal nature that’s very important to me and that I’d like your support about, so if you could read it and reply when you have time I’d really, really appreciate it!

    Do you know when you’ll find out how well you did on your exams, presentation and paper?

      • I’m actually bisexual. I only really came out to myself about it a few months ago, and then to a girl who I thought was my best friend (but my crush on her, which was my first female crush, ended that, unfortunately). I came out to Jeff and Jim, who’ve been super-supportive, which is good. I won’t be able to tell my parents until I’m on my own finance- and residency-wise, because they’re really conservative and would probably kick me out of the house if they knew, so that’s the thing I’m the most nervous about (thankfully they don’t care what I do on the internet since I have my own laptop, and they don’t read my blog).

        But no, I’m not pregnant, thankfully, haha. I don’t blame you for accidentally deleting the message when you cleaned out your inbox; happens to me all the time too.

        Yeah, those are some pretty awesome grades!

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