Another Jiving Saturday evening

The roommate is gone for the weekend, so this means that this weekend is the first real weekend that I’ve had a taste of adulthood. (i.e. not sharing an elongated closet with another person) When he first left I felt sort of like I was flouting in the face of authority by doing things that I wouldn’t do when he was around (even though he has no authority whatsoever) I was all, “Look at me I’m naked!” Then I got to the point where I was used to him not being around. My laundry didn’t dry all the way, so I draped the still damp stuff on the desk and dresser he wasn’t using. I sat in his chair. And while he gets home tomorrow I’m starting to wonder if he would just leave if I got rid of all his stuff. (I’m not going to.)

I also learned that I really need to have his presence here. Devin is a good roommate, keeps to his side of the room, he’s clean and goes to bed relatively early (and doesn’t bitch when I come home at two a. m. or when my alarm goes off at seven). However, he is really annoying. It’s nothing that he does on purpose, but there is just some part of his personality that bugs the shit out of me. His personality just wears on me. As a result of this, I don’t really spend that much time in my room — because he’s there. However, this turns out to be a good thing, because I go out, see friends, that sort of healthy thing that we all need to do. But this weekend has been different. I’ve left this room only a handful of times, mostly for food or something. I’ve gotten a lot of work done though.

I turned off the heating and or AC today, and in Ohio it’s a toss up which one you’ll be using, and opened up the window. It’s been cold today — the high in the fifties, which really is my sort of weather. I curled up under warm things today and did that thing where you make coffee and wrap your hands up around the mug. I watched a little bit of TV. I knit. I did the weekend thing. (Aside from Algebra.)

There’s another nice thing about Devin being here. I sleep naked (sorry if that was a bit much for you, I assure you, it pertains to the story). When I first got here, I tried to do the pajama thing, but I just couldn’t. They got all twisted up and I woke up as a ball of sweat. I just couldn’t. So then I tried to do the shirt and underwear. I couldn’t do that either, I just couldn’t, I don’t know why. I tried the underwear thing and long story short, I ended up with nothing on. I put some underwear and a T-shirt by the side of the bed, and that’s the first thing that I reach for in the morning. It works out pretty well, because I don’t want Devin to see me naked. But since he’s not here, I just got up. I really had to pee this morning so I grab my key and step out into the hall way, and lo and behold I start walking for the bathroom, realizing then that I’m not wearing anything. Thankfully no one saw me, but it still really just shows how having an audience will affect your behavior.

Today brought me over the hump. What hump? If you are a regular reader, these photos may enlighten things.



There you can see Lloie’s Jerkin, a simple garter stitch vest with very loose instructions put in Knitting WorkshopThis pattern is so simple that you really don’t even need a pattern to do it — if you really wanted to you could make one up on your own. It’s a garter stitch vest. Think about it.

I did think about it, and while the boat neck is a good look on some — even me some of the times, I really did want to make this as wearable as possible. So I shaped the neck. About six inches short of the wanted neck on the front(the sweater is made in one piece and then divided for the back and fronts), cast off about five stitches (I didn’t write this down) and then on every other subsequent row work a decrease about five times. Then knit till it’s long enough — which is about an inch shorter in the back, to make it fit nicely.

When I first started knitting this, I thought that it was going to be one of those that I just made because they were in KW, not ones that I actually wanted to wear (oddly enough those are the ones that I wear most really). But now that I’ve finished it, I’ve been wearing it all day. And it really looks good on me too. The colors in it (blue and green) are the same colors as my eyes are (my eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing) and wearing these two colors together, so close to my face, blends them perfectly. I am suddenly bewitching. And it’ll look good with most of my clothes, about 80% of which are black. (It’s slimming.)

The yarn is from an old sweater of mine that I got to thin to wear comfortably (I love that, too thin.) I loved that sweater, and I was sorry to see it have to go. But it’s been replaced by this one, which is another welcome addition to my closet. (And I actually have a closet here!) I actually think I took a picture of that old sweater before I took it out.


And now I’m at less than 10 projects to go in KW. I don’t even really have the words to describe the way that this feels to me. I feel both fulfilled and empty at the same time. And I feel comforted by it, by Elizabeth and knitting in general, and I also feel confident. See, a huge buffet of emotions. (I’m going to keep this short and do a big long moody introspective post when I finish this thing for good — which is starting to look like it may actually happen.

I remember when I first started working on this. I made up the list with all the projects in it, and I remember thing just how very many of them that there were. All those sweaters, at the time, I think there were more sweaters in there than I’d made in my knitting life. Let me do a quick count of them . . .  15 sweaters, plus 16 vests, shawls, baby sweaters and a few other things. I remember thinking about how many of them that I had left to do, and now that I’ve done most of it, I feel like it’s so small. Most of the things that seemed so hard when I read the directions were actually super simple once everything was one the needles. I’m proud of that, and you know what, my Midwestern upbringing isn’t supposed to let me say this, but I’m proud of myself. I’ve worked hard to get to this point. I’ve been through a lot, both in life and in knitting to get here, and now, I finally feel like I’m starting to get to where I need to be.

And now I’m done. My neighbors are being super loud and annoying tonight (these walls are paper thin and have no insulation) so I’m going to spend the next twenty or so minutes banging up against the wall and moaning. It’ll be fun.



  1. It does look good! Nice work. I think vests are a hard wear but that one has a rustic quality that works with jeans and long sleeved tees so it should be good for fall.

    20 minutes of wall banging…you are young…ah memories.

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