Applied I-cord

Well, I’ve been a little busy bee here recently. This weekend contained a quick run to my parents house — which is usually painful for college age children, but this one was even more so. Not only were things, well, off, my sister has taken to sleeping in my room recently. She asked and I consented, because I felt sorry for her, what with being really pregnant (at the time) and the fact that I wasn’t using it, (so really, she could have gotten away with not asking). It seemed like a nice thing at the time, but really, in hindsight, it was a really, really, bad idea. She promised not to touch my things, which was pretty quickly blown to hell based on the state it was in. She’d been smoking, so it reeked, and there were a few empty glasses, and a plate with some food on it that was at least a day old. (Of course, I don’t think I’ve room to talk on this. I’ve got a cup of tea on my desk that’s been there so long it’s growing mold. I put some hand sanitizer in it on a friend’s dare, and am going to wait a day or two to see what happens.)

But the worst part was the yarn. Oh, my yarn. I had it very precariously perched on some shelves and whatnot. A thin and bendy person (that would be me) could easily move around them. However, a not so thin and not so bendy person couldn’t. There was yarn all over the floor and out of it’s bags, and shoved into corners. I took a bunch home (Kent) with me, for protection, and I had to fight the urge to bring all of it. (Now that I realized that I have a lot more space than I really do have I feel like I can bring in all sorts of things. Every time I go to my parent’s house I always bring something back.

One of the things that I brought back with me this time was a bit of blue cotton to edge the Jerkin in. (I don’t know what is with cotton and me these days.) I actually brought back the blue and some cream colored cotton, but the cream (which was my first choice) looked awful, so I ripped it out and started again. The blue looks great, and will match my eyes, and as luck would have it, my shorts for today.


See, can you see that little stripe of blue going around the edge? That’s the applied I-cord. (Can you see the belly too? God, I need to cut back on the beer.) (That was a joke, but the belly isn’t laughing.) I think it looks nice, and I am even more excited because I am so close (so close) to being under ten. Ten!!!! Can you believe that?

The little yellow thing you see is a rubberband that I tied into the fabric of the sweater so that way I know which side I should put the buttonholes on. (Yes, I am that scatterbrained.) You will note how that one is being saved for last, simply because the I-cord buttonholes, which are really clever, are also a pain in the ass to make. (You have to do math and count the whole way up the edge.) (And also, the buttonhole formula is the only time that I’ve ever had a need for Algebra in my entire life.  Just saying Kent State.) (But I should be done with math by the end of this academic year so Woo Whoo!)

Since I have to think to work on this, progress will be minimal here for a little bit. I apologize in advance.



  1. I sympathize with you on the messy sister. I can’t wait to get out of the house…

    I like the applied I-cord! It DOES match your shorts.

    The other day I emailed you a question about seed stitch, which I think I solved on my own, but I also sent you a short story I wrote that I think might appeal to your… romantic tastes. Speaking of, are you dating yet?

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