Well, I’ve a got a few things to say.

First of all, it’s cold here.  I am not going to say that it’s really cold, because I know what really cold is, but i will say that it is pretty cold. Or at least it was this morning. I’m glad that I’d taken the roommate’s suggestion and wore something warm. I would have gone back up for something warm. I am a big wimp when it comes to temperature, and I really am not looking forward to tomorrow morning, when I’ll be walking about two hours earlier. (Read: Two hours colder.) Which is a shame because I will be in a super bad mood, considering that this will be prior to eight a. m. (I am not a morning person in the deepest and truest sense of the word. I am a bitch before eight. Hell, before nine.)  However, sitting on my bed, with the window open, it really feels nice.

Second of all, I heard something that is of particular interest to me. The other day I was listening to a podcast that had Meg Swanson as a guest. (If you care to listen, go to schoolhouse press’ homepage and there is a link on the sidebar.) This makes it already of interest to me, but while she was on there, she said something, I don’t know if I believe (but hope to god is true), but Meg herself said it. (Would someone listen to it so that way I don’t think I made it all up.

They are planning to do an updated version on Knitting Workshop. This means that there will be color pictures, a new introduction, and actual directions. Can you believe that too? I couldn’t. Of course the brutal irony is that it probably won’t be done till long after I’m done with Elizabeth, but it will still be of a great interest to me. And it really shows that the book, published in 1981 (?) is still relevant today, (They wouldn’t be spending that much time and money if it wouldn’t be worth it.) And no, I haven’t been contacted to write the new introduction. (They are missing out let me tell you. That would be the longest introduction in the history of introductions.)

Well that is kind of my biggest news. In other words I’m still puttering along here. I got a 100 on an exam last week. I got a 96 on my math final. I got an 84 on another exam, so I’m doing pretty well by the way of grades.

In the field of knitting, I am doing pretty well. I’m about done with the jerkin. (It doesn’t have sleeves, don’t get excited.) I’m pretty happy with this, though it will have to wait till this weekend when I’ll be running home overnight, and will be able to pick up something from the stash that would work. (That’s the problem with living in a cubicle with another person, one really doesn’t have the space to stash those little bits and bobs that come in so handy in times like this.)

The Gansey is coming along, but not at the pace that I would prefer it. I’m almost to the armholes. Once again, the gussets are adding more length to it than I would have liked, but that doesn’t mean that I’m done knitting them. I’ve already started them, so I’m committed at this point. Other than that little snafu, it’s moving alone well enough. My prejudiced against Gansey patterns turned out to be unfounded, because I’m loving the knitting of this one, which is odd because the old one was like being water-boarded. Maybe it’s the knitting in the round thing, or the fact that this one takes some kind of a metal capacity to knit.

I’ve finished another hat. This was a while ago, but it’s drying right now. It says “Grant” which is a good thing, because, you know, it’s for Grant.




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