Two Sweaters

Okay, I’ve pretty much got a schedule of classes put together for the next semester. This is good, because I meet with my adviser tomorrow and she really would like to know what my plans are. Good points — I should be done with college math this semester (I am killing myself to finish it, and will probably go downstairs and spend the next four or so hours working on it.) And I’ll probably be done with all my science requirements by the end of this year too — and my lab. (This is provided that I get the schedule that I’m hoping for.) Bad points — no Italian for me. I could be taking it this semester, but it conflicted with one of my really important classes, so I didn’t take it. I planned on doing it this spring, but the only Elementary course they offer is for students going abroad. I’m planning on staying put right here in the states (I love Kent so much, I can’t ever imagine wanting to leave) so that’s out for me. Well, French was a close second, and I can even remember a little bit of middle school French. But that’s out too, because Elementary French is only offered in the fall. So I thought about Hebrew. (I like the Jews, so sue me.) But they had the same deal as French. But, the only class that I can take is German.

So, I’m going to learn to speak German. It could be worse, and since I realized this, I did a little looking into it, and found out that, second to English, there are more books published in German than there are in any other language, which is probably good for an English major. And it widely spoken through Europe. It’s supposed to be similar to English, which will make it easier to learn. And I just thought of this, but Elizabeth could speak German. She went to a German art school. She was married to a German. See, making it sound more interesting.

It’s night now, and I can actually take a decent picture of the sweaters that I’m working on, that and the fact that the roommate isn’t home, and I have the room to myself.

First of all, we have the Gansey — Mrs. Laidlaw’s Gansey. (And Gladys Thompson’s Patterns for Guernseys  Jerseys and Arans came last week, and I’m glad that I didn’t order the book just too knit this sweater, because Meg’s Chart really only resembles Mrs. Thompson’s a little bit.



The yarn is a recycled cotton. It’s right around the armpit area, about two inches shy of it. I’m going to steek the armholes, and hopefully knit the sleeves. (That really will make the sweater not portable, which means it really won’t see that much progress.



This swath of garter stitch is going to be Lloie’s Jerkin from Knitting Workshop. It’s also from a recycled cotton — but this one comes from an old sweater of mine that I grew to slim to really fit into, and I’m happy that it’s being given a new life. I am also almost to the armholes, but this one doesn’t have sleeves and it is super mindless, so it’ll be done long before the Gansey. However, I don’t really have the cotton with me to do an edging. That’ll have to wait till the next time that I go to my parent’s house and can pick it out. I want to do some kind of a yellow, or maybe a natural color. (The part that’s killing me is that I’ve got the exact same thing in a wool here. Oh, it burns. Oh, I may have a brown that would do. I would have to double it though. Anyway . . . .

That’s all for now. See you all later.


  1. That’s cool that you might be learning German! Jeff would like that too, I think.

    The sweaters look nice so far! I finished that striped scarf for my sister yesterday. She loves it. I’ve been thinking about trying my first sweater, but I keep putting it off because the idea of cutting up my knitting is still unappealing.

  2. Guess who speaks crap German?! Yes indeed, we can converse in German after your first class. We’ll call it Immersion Blogging. (My dad was German and my mom is Swiss and didn’t speak much English during my early years – hence the crap German).

    As to learning Italian, Italy is a pretty freaking amazing place so don’t count them out yet.

    The sweaters look good, but are they both navy? I appreciate that you turned the lights on when taking the pics, but I’m hoping the bottom sweater is actually gray and you don’t have any entire navy wardrobe like me.

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