Better Pi, less fattening

You know knitters, how you work hours and hours on a project, and then, just when you get so close to being done, you suddenly get an urge to procrastinate, and send a previously loved project back to the seas of rejection. Such was the case with the pi shawl. It was even more beautiful once it was blocked. It was light, it was airy, it was soft. I wanted to wrap my entire naked body in it, and it isn’t often that I feel that way about knit wear. (I said often.) I remember that when I started knitting this, a long time ago, that knitting with Cashmere was like sex but better. I still haven’t changed my mind. (I could say something about my sex life not being anything resembling a bed of roses or a cashmere shawl, but I think that’s crossing a line for a knitting blog, and while I haven’t ever let that stop me, my grandmother does read this.)

Anyway, such is what I did with the weaving in of the ends on this thing. I hate weaving in ends on a good day, and in lace it is especially painful. It’s so hard to make sure that it is done right, because you can see the wrong side, when you are looking at the right side. I never know how much I need to weave in, because the fabric is so open, I feel like it will come undone easier. I can’t stand it. So I stuffed it in my closet, and just waited till I got the urge to finish something.

And that’s the way that it happened too. I was so careful that the ends took me two evenings to weave in. And the yarn was really thin too, so that made for even more ends. And the thing is, I have no problem knitting in public, but I really don’t want to be carrying around a large cashmere shawl and going at it with a threaded needle. (It might look like I was sewing.) Most of my knitting occurs while waiting, so that’s another reason why this thing stalled. But these are all excuses, and I’m done with those.


I love it, I can’t help it. I love it.


It is the softest thing that I’ve ever knit. I worked so hard on it, there are thousands of stitches. Okay, I haven’t counted them, but really, there has to be thousands.


I think that this might be my favorite out of all the Zimmerman project things. It wasn’t the most fun to knit, it will not be the most worn, but I can’t help but call it my favorite. It’s soft, blue, and pretty. It appeals to my crazy love of all things girly and dainty. I know I’ve said this before, but really, I love it.

I still haven’t experience that thing that Elizabeth talks about. Where she says that you get so attached to a shawl that by the end of it you don’t want it to end. Yeah, I didn’t have that. I’ve never really had that. The end of the Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl was bittersweet, mostly because that shawl lasted much longer than any of my romantic relationships, and this one still leaves me warm in the middle of the night. (Sad, but true.) This was close though, mostly because of the cashmere, but due to the nature that the border was knit under (stress of moving, adjusting to dorm life, etc. ) I was kind of glad to see it go, and it’s stupid little rows that were only twenty stitches long.

And now, there are . . . . 10 left in the Zimmerman project. Can you believe that? It seems like just yesterday that I was so happy to be below 20. And now, here in a little bit, we will be in the single digits!! This just settled in on me.  I am really down the home stretch now. I mean, at 20 I could still back out of this thing (only you all wouldn’t have let me) but at 10. I really am close to being done. And really, we are close to nine as well. the Jerkin is halfway up to the armholes, and the gansey is 2/3 of the way to the armholes. And the Jerkin is a vest too, so that will be done soon.



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