Mrs. Laidlaws Gansey

Well, the events of the past few days will lead me to two conclusions.

1. Last week, I was evidently just being overly dramatic about no knitting enough. Five inches of Gansey is nothing to sneeze at. This Gansey has patterning all over it, not just at the top, and in my infinite wisdom I chose to knit the edging in twisted ribbing. Don’t ask why I do this to myself. So one could say that this is some pretty complex knitting. (5 stitches to the inch, but it still counts.) What this means is that if I had something really simple, like garter stitch — which I’m cooking up now, I could really get a lot done. I guess this comes with essentially removing cooking and cleaning from my schedule, and the garden too.  (You would have never known to look at the house that I spent that much time cleaning.)

2. I cannot remember anything — this is the official time. No, I haven’t locked myself out again. When I went to visit my parents last weekend, I really had three ulterior motives. I wanted clothes. I brought with me enough clothes, but really I got tired of wearing the same thing over and over, and it is really cold in the mornings here, I had forgotten how cold it is in the mornings, even when the day is hot. So I needed a few sweaters and some jeans. I wanted to bring in some movies that a friend and I had been talking about, and I wanted to bring in my pins. I know that I said no dorm room blocking, but damn it, I’m impatient. I wanted to see what this shawl looked like blocked. I could do it on the bed. It’s really no different size then my one at my parent’s house. And I could do it on the space of floor by my desk, that too isn’t really that inconvenient. The hardest part would be the wetting of it, but I suppose I could lock myself in a shower stall, plug  up the drain with a dish rag and see what would come of it. Believe me, I’ve no problem with looking like an idiot in public. Now, the only problem here is the roommate will think I’m nuts. Ah, he already knows it, and is pretty calm about that sort of thing. But, no pins. Anyone know of a good place to buy pins, cheap pins, in the Kent area, preferably within one mile of the university.

picture054 I know that this really makes me look like I’ve gone nuts, but this is the best picture of the Mrs. Laidlaw’s Gansey that I could get. You know, taking a picture of a blurry, knit purl pattern, in a dark yarn, with a computer camera really is hard to do. I had to turn off the over head light and turn on my desk lamp to get a good picture of this one. And this is the good picture.

Not to shabby huh? It helps that I knit fast and really knit during a lot of things. On this sweater I haven’t had more than a 30 minute period of time to work on it. See, those little moments do add up.

Well, in other news, I caught a football last Saturday! It was a noon game, against Bowling Green (I will point out here that yes, we did lose, 42 to 21, and yes I now understand what my father goes through every Sunday when he sits down to watch the Browns play. They throw the ball when there is no one to catch it.) Bowling Green tossed a field goal, I was sitting in-between the goal posts, three rows off the field and they kicked a low one. It kind of bounced off my friend, but I caught it! I had to throw it back, but I caught it. And I actually was able to throw it back too. I’m proud of that one.

And that’s all for now. Time to go do math.



  1. Wow! That knitting is moving along even with just working in little chunks of time. I think it looks good, but it’s kind of hard to see….

    One day when your parents are old, you will be the parent and they will be the 11 yo. Cruel trick of nature.

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