Two weeks

Well, I’ve just finished wrestling with today’s installment of Algebra, and the Algebra won, sorry to say. Granted, I’m like 6 weeks ahead in my math, so I’ve got a little wiggle room, however, considering that I’m technically about a year and a half behind, I really shouldn’t be slacking off.

Things are starting to get underway here at school. Everyone asks you, when you are a new college student, “How was the first week of classes.” That is a valid question, however, I think the real test is how you do in the second and third. Those are the weeks when getting out of bed at six a.m. just makes you want to cry and die (Remember you are up till at least one a. m. the night before because you blew off homework to hang with friends, and then when you got back to the dorm you realize just how much you fucked yourself — not that this has happened to me). When the stagnant water on the floor of the bathroom really starts to bother you, when the laundry is starting to look like it is about to sieze a hostile takeover, and what’s more, you think it will when. The first week is a gimmie, all you have to do is show up, almost on time, and stay almost awake, and you’re fine.

Today during Sociology I kept nodding off. I was trying desperately to stay awake. Then the professor woke me up. In front of the class. And this isn’t a small class, this is a class of about 150 in a big auditorium. You can imagine the color of my face.

But I was all caught up due to the last weekend. I plan to do the same with this weekend, only, you know, faster. I must say I do enjoy this whole three day weekend thing.

I am still knitting the Pi shawl — are you shocked? I sort of am too. When I started it on that fateful summer day on a whim, I never imagined that I would still be working on it. I’ve got about 18 rows left on it though, so I should be done at some point in the near  future. This future will not be as soon as you think it will be, because remember, lace isn’t done until after it’s blocked, and I really, really, don’t know why or how I would go about blocking a shawl in a dorm room. I don’t have a tub, a large bowl, or a sink with a stopper, so what am I doing to do — give the thing a shower, stick it in a drinking fountain? People on this floor already look at me funny because half of them have seen me lunge at the closing door because I realized that I just left my room key in there. (I did that today and face planted.) However, I am contemplating this, so that must mean that I am giving this some consideration — and it also means that my sanity chip has probably been tampered with. (I blame the lack of sleep.)

I’m proud of myself, I just washed out my water glass, instead of just filling it up with water, which I must say is what I’ve been doing here for a while.

As of tomorrow I’ve been here for two weeks. The feeling of being away at camp is starting to fade a bit, which I guess comes with settling in.

I didn’t really intend for this post to go that way, but I guess that’s the way that it went. Let’s see, back to knitting. (This whole mixing life with knitting really reminds me of Elizabeth.) The pi shawl is out of the loop because it is almost done, and the thought of running out of knitting scares the shit out of me. To replace it, I started the Gansey — I think I showed you that in an earlier post. Well, it got put in my bag, and became my walking around knitting. Due to the lack of time, I’m getting bolder and bolder about knitting in public. Who cares right? I haven’t really knit in any classes yet, but I’ve come close in FYE while the professor was messing around during class, hadn’t properly prepared what she was going to do. I kept it discrete. I knit while I’m waiting for classes to start though, I’m working on doing it with friends, though that often fill odd for some reason to me. I do it in the mornings while waiting to leave, and well any other time I can grab a minute.

The biggest problem with the Gansey is that it has a chart to it — once you get past the ribbing. (BTW, the ribbing is a bit longer than I usually would like because I kept forgetting the chart at home, and didn’t want to not knit — ribbing is generally too short anyway.) The chart is logical and has a progression, but it is still a chart, which I’m now carrying it with me. I knit five rounds today during a Learning Community guest speaker, which made the event almost bearable. Yes, I knit a chart while trying to hide the fact that I was knitting — like you wouldn’t do it? No one said a word though.

And I think that these 1000+ words will do for today. I would give you a picture of the Gansey. Trust me, these hard won five inches on a sweater are a beautiful sight (have I mentioned the K1B,P1 ribbing). However, the roommate is here, and he probably would look a little odd at me, not that I really care, but I do live with him, and I need to fool him into thinking that I am sane as long as I can. (I don’t know how much more time I have.)



  1. Don’t worry, you are sane (ish)…

    Sounds like you’re adjusting and finding your way in your new environment. Have fun! I know you’re working hard, but have some fun!

    Enough of the lecture…As an aside, perhaps wear your key on a chain around your neck? Faceplants aren’t good for your complexion.

    • I love that you had to tack on the ish. I am having fun here — though it’s funny you mention that. You talk to some people and they tell you that you shouldn’t join any clubs, shouldn’t have a job if possible, and that you should just focus on your studies (granted, that is from a woman who’s work is reflected by what I do.) And then you have some people who really stress the importance of using this time to become invested in your college as a whole. Like most things, it’s about balance.

      I actually do have a lanyard to wear the key on, and I weaseled a friend out of his, so I have one to put my KSU ID on (Equally important card, it has my meal plan money on it.) Then I learned that it practically screams Freshman, so I really don’t wear it around my neck unless it’s to the bathroom in the middle of the night or something like this.

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