Dispatches from the Dorm

Well, I just stood in line for a half hour to buy a 120 dollar book. This may be related to the vomiting. (This also might be related to the fact that I have been not just all around this campus today, but all around Kent itself.)

Then I came home and spend about 5.00 for some other books online. (Smaller books, earlier editions. The bookstore wanted about 50 dollars for a book, I bought one edition earlier online for a penny, plus shipping.) I think that this will bring my book total for the year to . . . drumroll . . . 190 dollars. I think that’s all I need too, even if that seems to good to be true.

I had my first classes today. Sociology this morning was really interesting, and I’m looking forward to Wednesday. On my way there I met up with this interior design student who had to move a ton of supplies and a chair to her class. She was really greatful when I helped her, and even more when I pointed her a way to get there much, much faster. So, on to Soc. I went and learned a few very interesting things. (Like did you know that an upper-class person is more likely to commit a crime than a lower class person?)

Then I had 7 Ideas that Changed the Universe. I was in for a rude awakening there. I thought that it was a Philosophy course. No, it is a Physics course. There were all sorts of things in there about Newton and equations and things. My whole little group of friends groaned when I ripped open my packet. You know what the first idea that changed the universe was? We are not the center of the universe. That changed my universe.

The knitting front has been minimal here recently, but at least there has been a knitting front. (What? I’m frying those bigger fish.) I think I am greatly helped by the fact that I will knit anywhere. I mean, I’m toting around a giant lace shawl that I’m knitting a complicated edge on. (I’m just sort of jumping right in) I knit while waiting for Soc. to begin this morning, and while I was waiting to leave for class. (Not actually as far as I thought. I’m still working away on that edging, and I haven’t even started that Gansey. I would do it when I finished writing this, but I promised my mother that I would call her. And Rush (friend down the hall) made me promise to knit him a hat. I said yes because I have spent more time in his room since I came to Kent, than I have in my own room. (What? he made coffee. Granted, he only had one cup, and I still haven’t finished washing those extra I took over yet.)

My standards of cleanliness are going way down here. There is something about washing dishes in the bathroom that really will just makes you not care if they are dried properly. I’ve been using the same water glass for about four days. I sweated so much today that my shirt (the second time I’ve worn it) is still damp.



  1. Glad you thought Sociology was interesting! I took a sociology class in high school, and I thought it was really interesting too.

    If 7 Ideas that Changed the Universe is a Physics course, then I don’t know if I’d do well in that class. Let us know whether it’s difficult or not, please!

    And congrats on surviving your first official day at Kent!

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