Flash posting

Okay, here I am, happily installed at KSU. I have the urge to put either Kent or Flash in everything, hence the title to this. (Kent State’s mascot is the Golden Flash, in case you didn’t know.) The room is small, but do-able. The food is good, and in the 24 hours I’ve been here, I have spent about 13 dollars on food, which isn’t bad. (I have about 14 a day,)

Devin and I get along well, even through it took me ten minutes of knowing him to identify that he is one of those vain prattling gay men, not the sensitive and soulful kind.) He came here with his best friend from high school (which to my mind defeats the purpose of coming to college, but what the hell?) this doesn’t bode well for me because while he knows one person here, I did no one. However, this just means that I have to get out there and make friends, which I’m happy to report is happening. I think the genuine honesty helps, because I know that I’m not  the only person here who knows no one, and with those other people I’m making friends.

Last night was a bit bad. I had a free hour and nothing to do, so I went and just walked around. I felt alone, and scared. But then I saw someone I knew. You know how when you go to some kind of an orientation, they always make you find things that you have in common with other people. Well, I saw the guy that I did that with way back in June. I saw him, and he recognized me, and I started shouting “YES, YES, YES” like that scene in When Harry met Sally. And later I went out to the welcome weekend dance and made a few more, and then today found a few girls I have classes with. I’m getting to know people in my hall, and oh boy, the things to do here. Today I had a meeting I had to be at. I mis-read the schedule, and went to the wrong hall. Then I panicked, and found the hall that I was supposed to be in. (I walked in a giant circle twice, they are right next to each other. ) Then I got in my meeting, and it turns out that I was right the first time, and then had to go back to the first hall. Thankfully I then knew were it was. (And I later realized that the man I once asked for directions is the Dean of the College of the Arts and Sciences.) ( Talk about your helpful administration — he was nice.)

Aside from those few pitfalls, I am doing fine. My room smells clean.

Off to go do something — not sure what.




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