The Clap

Well, I’m more or less packed at the moment. There are a few things left to go, things I use daily. (Like this computer for instance.) But I could be done be ready in a few hours. Wooo Whooo!

When things get crazy busy, and there’s tons going on, and a lot to do, my personality will cause me to react in one of two ways.

1) I will transform into an incredibly efficient and neat person who manages time well. I work quickly but thoroughly, getting everything done right on schedule. I keep a cool head and calmly do everything that needs to be done. I essentially remind myself of a line in a Cake. “She is fast, through, and sharp as a tact. She is touring the facility and picking up the slack.” (And yes, I realize what that song is about, and what that line means, however, I think of it just the same, and believe me, I have no problem picking up that kind of slack.) This option usually happens if someone around me is reacting like option number 2.

2) I freak the frack out. (Technical wording.) I just lose it, and work with a blind ferocity, not really putting much thought into anything. The animal instinct kicks in, and I become nearly useless. I do about a million things at once, and get nothing done, all the while screeching at people who are trying to “help” me for being useless idiots. That isn’t a good thing, but I do it just the same.

Oddly enough, both of these have the same outcome, only one means that I don’t look like a drunken wombat.

Moving on to the knitting.

I would show you the Pi shawl right now, but I don’t think that you would really care to see another picture of the edging. It really doesn’t look much different, and the to-be cast off stitches doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. Maybe this is because I’m not really working on it. Only about a half hour before bed, and even finding that time is proving to be fleeting. (I’m reading a good book, and working up against a writing deadline, in addition to packing and dealing with the sis moving back in.) I’m working about a repeat a day on it, so progress is being made. I’ll get some time to work on it today, at the bookshop. It’s my last day, and what are they going to do if I don’t do my work?  Fire me?

Let me show you the project that I’m using to temper it with. This little scarf isn’t in KW. It isn’t seeing much action at all, because I’m not really working on it. I mean hardly ever. It’s my going about project, but a really bad one. I sort of have a pattern that I have to follow. (Not a hard one, but I do have to pay attention till I get a little more familiar with it.) And I don’t really need a travel project because the Pi shawl is really easy to carry around, even this late in the game. So it sees very little action, but I love it just the same.


Claptois! Yes, that Claptois. As in the one that everyone made there a while back. I’ve actually never made one. (Are you shocked — I don’t even think I knew how to knit when that pattern was so popular.) Anyway, Cindy gave me some yarn a few weeks ago that she didn’t want anymore. Now, ordinarily, I am perfectly content to let a yarn languish till I can find something to use it in. I have no problem with stashing. But this one, it just wanted to be knit right away.

I settled on this one because, first of all, it’ll be nice to knit a project that is not the product of my brain. And it will also be nice to work on something I know doesn’t have errors in it, and I’ve never made one either. The yarn, I’m not really sure what it is. It is green, you can tell that, and it has sequins in it. It doesn’t feel wool-y to be, to slippery. Maybe a wool/cotton/silk blend. I’ll ask Cindy the next time I see her. (Could be a while if she isn’t at knitting tomorrow.)

And yes, that is a paper clip I’m using as a stitch marker.

I can see myself knitting this during lectures. Just saying.



  1. I still like that fabric. Do the sequins get in the way when you knit with it? Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Still haven’t quite decided what I’m going to knit next now that my first-ever scarf is finished. I was thinking of maybe knitting a sweater for my mom. I’ve only looked at a few patterns so far, but naturally all of them take more than a decent amount of skill.

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