Packing and Pi

Well, less than a week to go.

For some reason I keep walking around the house singing that Peter, Paul, and Mary song, “I’m leaving on a jet plane.” Despite the fact that I’m am not getting on a plane or saying goodbye to someone I love. (Family doesn’t count –it’s like a first kiss.) There are people I love that I would like to say goodbye to, but I’ll just have to content myself with drifting out of their lives the same way that I drifted into them. I’ve had a good run here, but it’s time to move on.

Of course, I can only wish that all my bags were packed. I’ve got the big stuff out of the way, but I still need to do supplies and technology, oh, and clothes. (I have the suitcase let me tell you.) (I’m waiting till the day before I leave to do clothes, so I’ll have as little as possible. I’m taking time away from that to write this.

Well, whenever you leave a place, you find out who your real friends are I guess. Just sharing that thought over the past few days. I found out (I wasn’t supposed to, but I over heard something.) that the clothing store people are doing something for me before I go, which is sweet of them. The knitters bought me a ball winder — which was one of those things that I’d wanted for a while, but never enough to actually buy one.

In one week, I’ll wake up to my first day, living on the ninth floor with Devin, and experience that I was once dreading, but now that I’ve talked to Devin I think that I’ll enjoy it emensly.

I didn’t intend for this post to be more narcisstic ramblings, but that was what was on my mind, so that’s what you get. Lets move on to some knitting and a subject that isn’t making me cry. (It doesn’t help that I’m listening to that song from above as I write this.

I’m working on the edging to the Pi Shawl right now. I had hoped for this to be finished before I’d left for college, but I guess that’s just going to be one of those thing that won’t happen. (If I do nothing but knit between now and then I might be able to make it, but really even that is up in the air. It’ll be a while before you see a finished shawl, because I really don’t want to wet block a large lace shawl in a dorm room. ) Let’s have a picture.


What you have here is the border that I was complaining about in the last post. It turns out that I was missing one simple thing, and Elizabeth didn’t really deserve all those thing that I was saying about her. I’ve just about got the edging memorized which is nice because that really makes this a lot more portable knitting. I knit a lot on the go. It seems like I have been working on this forever, but really, it’s only been a few days. I don’t think that I’m even halfway done yet. Maybe a third, but I’m probably just being optimistic.

I’m also looking to start my next Gansey soon too. I want to do it. I’ve even made the swatch, but finding the time to settle down and cast on 200 stitches is hard, but trying to find the motivation to do so — next to impossible. Besides, I need to go pack.

No, really I need to go pack.





  1. Going to college is exciting and scary and fun. I hope you are enjoying the process, you certainly worked hard to get to this place. Change can also be scary but you’ll be fine and thrive and fall in love and all those things you do in life. I’m sure it’s even more of a change for you since you were home schooled, to be going away for college. But you’re a big boy now, you’ll be fine and stop to enjoy the moment.


    P.s. I hope there’s a Subway close by so you won’t starve…

  2. I figured out how to rip my stitches out this morning with the help of a couple of YouTube videos, and I’m back to normal knitting now. I’ve been slipping the first stitch at the start of each new row to help make sure I don’t start increasing stitches again. I have about a foot of knitted scarf done so far now.

  3. Holy crap, that looks great! You’re really keeping up with the rules! I just put up a post for the first time in forever so I’m catching up on a lot of lost time with my blog favorites. Have a great time at school!

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