Pi for one

Well, the invasion of Normandy was successful, and I’ll be moving onto a college campus in two weeks. (Two fucking weeks!) Granted, unless I get my act together and get my loan stuff done, I’ll only be there for a few weeks, however, I’m trying not to dwell on that. (Aside from, you know, doing loan stuff.) However, I still have about a month, so we are okay, for now at least.

So, the event that I’ve worked towards for about a year and a half has finally come to fruition and I’m going. I am actually going to college.

I took a hat with me, despite the fact that it was 80 degrees. It was the swatch cap from the Gansey. And after I paid my bill, I stepped out of the building and tossed it into the air. I caught it, barely, but I didn’t. There was only this old lady there, and she looked at me funny. But Yes!

My friend wanted to go out afterwards for lunch. I was starving so I agreed. (I’ve been so nervous the few days before hand that I wasn’t able to eat much.) He wanted to go to a Chinese buffet, and I agreed because I love Chinese, and never get to eat it. Anyway, I went and ate myself sick and guess what my fortune cookie said. “You are transforming yourself into a person who is certain to succeed.”

Did you just get chills too? I swear, it was like that moment in a movie when the heroine realizes that she’d going to be just fine and that everything will work out okay.

And there also was the strange feeling of walking around a college campus with 1500 dollars in my back pocket. I finally know how a pimp feels. That money represented hours and hours of making coffee and answering phones and signing my former bosses name to everything from client letters to delivery slips. That, and, um . . . whatever my father does for a living. You should have seen the face of the cashier when I stuck that money under the plastic.

Anyway, you can imagine how great this feels.

Devin and I are talking pretty regularly and we are going to get along great I think.

I have been knitting a bit recently, despite, you know, being pretty busy. Since I finished off the Epaulet sweater I’ve been pretty much working only on the pi shawl. It hit me the other day that this is the only KW project that I have on the needles. That’s the first time that I think that has happened in a while. I’ve knit the entire body and am motoring away on the little border.


I did concentric rings of holes for most of the shawl and then did some lace up at the top in a darker color, and I’m now knitting a border. The border is garter stitch, with it certainly wasn’t intended to be. That was another one of those “Fucking Elizabeth” moments.

Okay, I wanted to do a nice border on this. You all know that a border can make or break a shawl. I looked around for a little bit and settled on the Cockleshell edging. This edging is from, I think, Barbara Abbey’s Lace Edgings. However, Elizabeth thoughtfully gives you it in Knitting Around as a potential edging for the pi are squared shawl. I liked it and thought that it would look good, so I tried to put in on this shawl. Well, it would help if she would give you the directions so you could put in on the shawl. It essentially has a bit of lace at one end, and the cockleshell part at the other. You want the cockleshell to be  at the end, and the lace part to be the part by the shawl. Did that make sense. However, when you cast on, your yarn is at the end of it, but you knit the lace part first, and the cockleshell part second, which would make it closer to the shawl. Huh.

As I wrote that. I realized that I should just knit a row and call it a day. I think I just might do that. I didn’t think of that last night. No one should knit after ten pm.

Anyway, I thought that it would be a good idea to, um, knit the pattern backwards. Yes, do it backwards. That, wasn’t one of my better ideas, and after a few rows I decided that it was for the freeing birds, and that I should just do some garter stitch. that is what you see up there, and also what I’m going to rip out here in a few minutes.



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