FO party.

We are having a finished object party over here! This morning saw the finish of my swatch-cap for the gansey, but we’ll talk about that later. Last night, last night, I finished the Epaulet Sweater!

I know, right! I didn’t think that this one would ever be done. I mean, I started this back in April! April, can you imagine. I was a lot more sane in April — and the knitting of this sweater might be a part with my growing connection to the world of the mentally incapacitated.


The Pattern is the Epaulet Sweater from Knitting Workshop. What other book would I be knitting from?


The yarn is a recycled sweater from L.L. Bean. It was a bit big, and I had just enough to make this pretty dense, and a touch big sweater.


It took me months to knit, on and off. And let me just tell you know, I am very happy to have this thing done. The edging is miles and miles of applied I-cord (I had the knitters vote on which color they liked the best). The pockets are afterthought ones, and I’m pretty sure they are exact mirror images of each other. The sleeves did turn out a bit longer than I’d planed, so I ripped back a few inches. (It didn’t hurt because I didn’t have to re-knit that part.) The buttonholes are looped I-cord, that I strangled with another piece of wool. (This may sound barbaric to you, but I assure you that it was recommended by Elizabeth.)

It’s a bit big, which means that it is a perfect fall coat, and will pair well with a light sweater, or a machine made one. (The best part of finishing any knitting is always the accessories.)

This means that I’ve got 11 projects left to go. 11! Can you believe that. It seemed like just yesterday I had 20. I am knocking these all out of the park.

I’ve also only got one of them on the needles at this point in time — the pi shawl. Sure, I’ve swatched and stuff for the gansey, but I technically haven’t started it. So it’ll be all pi, all the time for a while now. I also plan to start a yoke sweater sometime soon too, but that plan is sort of abstract. I’m thinking maybe a V-neck, set in sleeve, but again, nothing set in stone.

Talk of Gansey tomorrow. I’m going to go enjoy the possibility of knits to come. What are you all planning to start.


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