I did a poll this time, to avoid a repeat of the patchwork, Shaded Aspen Leaf Sweater. (Do you remember that sweater? The one where the knitters refused to let me leave it be, which would have resulted in an odd sweater sure, but instead told me to knit a different colored sleeve and now I have a beautiful sweater that I will never, ever wear. I still plan to re-knit that sweater someday. I also intend to make knitted upholstery someday, this isn’t exactly a short list.)

I did a poll on what the knitted edging on this latest sweater should be. (The Epaulet Sweater) I brought several choices and asked them what they liked best. Oddly enough the one that they chose was the one that was only an option because it was in the same bag as the other ones. It was an orange-ish color that was yet another gift of Cindy. Odd that, they said it went with the color scheme of the sweater. And here I was, just going to go with your basic black. (What, I like black. It’s very wearable, and makes me look thin. I need all the help I can get.)

I’m currently working on an I-cord cast off, and then I’ll edge the whole mess in I-cord and do the buttonholes that way. (I’m still up in the air about what kind of buttonholes. I love the sneaky buttonholes, but a part of me also want to have the kind that are more prounounced.) The I-cord is taking about as long as it usually does, which is too long. It looks terrific, which I why I do it, even if I have to grit my teeth to do so. I love it though, even if it bores to tears. (Sort of like my last relationship.) I’m about half way done with the I-cord cast off, which means that after that, I only have to do it around the rest of the edge. Let me show what I’ve got so far.


picture041That’s what we have so far. You will probably note that it is a touch on the short side. That is on purpose, sort of. This is a very dense piece of knitting, and I am counting on some sort of sag factor to bring in down to length, which is also why I’m not edging the sleeves till it is done. That, and I ran out of yarn. (Don’t say that about me, it’s not kind.) I always run out of yarn, either that or I overshoot and have tons left over.

And that’s all for now. Hopefully this will be done in a few days, it’s been on the needles for too long.


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