Heart Hat

Okay, if all goes as it should for the next few weeks, I’ll be starting classes in one month.

Oh, And I finished a hat!

And I would just like to say that, this hat has not, nor has ever been intended for me to wear. You’ll see what  mean in a minute.


picture039Yes, there it is, the Heart Hat from the ever present KW. It’s supposed to look like a heart, but to me it’ll always be either the boob hat, or the chest hair pattern hat. Especially because, due to the nature of the pattern, it sort of humps up right in the wrong places. However, this isn’t noticeable when it’s on, so I guess we’re fine.

The heart was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve come across in this book, and that’s saying something. I didn’t think that it would really be that hard. The thing is, the directions are very stitch for stitch-y, so you’ve got to watch yourself like a hawk. There comes one point where she changes one number in the pattern and if you don’t catch it you end up with a mess. The main thing with this pattern is that you can’t assume that you know what’s going on.  It’s made from leftovers and took about two days to finish, and that’s with having to rip the heart back about four or five times.

This leaves me with twelve projects left to do. Two of them are pretty close to being done, which means I’ll be at less than ten in no time.

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