Worst picture yet?

No, I haven’t fixed the shawl edging yet. I would tonight, but I’ve got a bunch of things to do. I need to edit a piece, I need to read some more on my boring college book (I didn’t last night because I was out having fun, and I didn’t do any today because, once again I was out having fun. Ever feel like life gets in the way of life?) I had something else I needed to do, but I can’t remember what it was. (It might be this.)

Ma and I took the baby to the Italian Festival. It was mostly food, but it was really good food. There is nothing wrong with it all being food. I had pasta. I had a Stromboli, and I had an ice cream. Yes, I am going running in the morning, why do you ask? I heard people speak Italian in public too. It at least verifies to me that I am doing something right. (My conversational skill are pretty much limited to telling people to either “fuck off” to “get out of my kitchen” or “don’t worry about it” Granted, that is about 80% of the Italian language, once you factor out the mushy stuff.)

It’s impossible to take a good picture, with the evening light and me not wanting to get out of my chair. But, here, for better or for worse, is what my Epaulet sweater looks like.


I think this certainly is the worse picture to date. It’s impossible to make it not look like a shapeless blob. And it really is too. The stitches are in a think wool, a little to thick for this gauge in hindsight, but it’s too late to fix that now. It’s slow going and I need about an inch more. However, I may not have enough yarn for that. (Shut. It.) But I can get close enough, and I’ll block it on a coat hanger, so it’ll stretch. It’s a little too wide anyway. It’ll be a great sweater to wear over another sweater, as a sort of coat. But not a coat, because it’s a sweater. So you have that.

I’ve been working on my pi shawl a little bit here and there when I get the time. I did a little bit at the Italian Festival today for example. Some at the book shop, some at the coffeehouse — you get the idea. So I’m making progress, however slow. But, when a round consists of 500+ stitches, one row really is a feat. Possibly a feat of mental insanity, but a feat nonetheless. I think, because I really don’t have another increase round that I’ll just call it a day, change to the darker color and do some lace work. I’m looking at lace patterns, but haven’t really made up my mind. Does any one have any ideas? I’m open to suggestions, but I’ll really just do what I want. (Not really that unusual.)

Well, off to go write about the Feminist Subtexts of the Charlotte Bronte. (Yes, it’s supposed to be done Tuesday and I’m still writing it. Yes, I may have procrastinated a little bit. No, I’m not ashamed. I’ve got few plans for tomorrow, I can work on it then.)



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