Stumped by Stupidty

Well, on Wednesday evening, I finished the knitting for the Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl. I thumped my needle down on the table and I was done.

Well, I was done in spirit, but not in actuality. I really had to attach it to the body of the shawl. So I pulled out my extra needle and went to work. It was, as was the other one, a pain to do. So I went and attached it Well, sort of.

I attached it to the wrong side. Can you believe that? I’ve been knitting for six years and yet I still make boneheaded mistakes like that? I can’t look at it for a few days. I’ll fix it, sooner or later, but it just kills me.

I forewent my resolution not to work on anything else till this is finished. For starters I was at knitting, and I didn’t really want to lug this entire shawl with me. (That’s sort of like lugging around a king sized comforter and matching sham set. If it can’t fit in my bag, it isn’t going.) I took the pi shawl to knitting, I worked on it yesterday. Sitting next to me as I write this is the Epaulet sweater, which has seen a little bit of action in the past day.

I’ll fix the shawl in a few days. Besides it’s too hot to sit around with a pile of angora and Shetland wool in my lap. (So I’ve now a pile of cashmere and non-Shetland wool.) Ah, warm weather knitting.

In other news, I’ve found another sweater just like one I took out a few months ago. It’s the exact same sweater, only this one is two sizes bigger. The old sweater was a medium, and this one is an XL. I’m about a medium, so, that first sweater would not quite have been enough to make a sweater for me. (I was going to do some kind of a yoke deal.) Now I’ve got enough for almost two sweaters. And the best part is that this yarn is perfect, I mean perfect, for Mrs. Laidlaw’s Gansey. Does this mean that I’ll be starting that sweater soon? Who can tell? I’m sort of all about finishing things now. As you know, this likely isn’t a good thing and in a few days the house will be lousy with stuff newly started — you all know the way that this goes.

I’m feeling weepy today and keep bursting into tears for no apparent reason. I think this means I’m going yarn shopping this afternoon. (Most likely not. I’ve got a project for the closet that I need to finish up –and the house is a wreck.)

Oh, and do you want to see what my legs look like today?


Skinny jeans and colored jeans. I’m so hip it hurts some days.  Happy Weekend ya’ll!



  1. I’m so happy for you, even if one edge of the Lucifer Shawl is not attached correctly. I still say, technically, that you finished it!

    I like the new look of your blog too, by the way. Whatever is in that glass does look good.

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