Foregoing Knitting to be a Good Friend.

Well, the knitting has been a touch minimal here lately. Life seems to be conspiring against me, but what else is new? I feel like a bit of a cheater when I say that sort of thing, because it really isn’t that big of a deal. But, anyways, lets get the awful picture out of the way. picture019

I find it nearly impossible to get a decent picture of this without biting right in. However, I have learned if I turn my desk light on, my face doesn’t look green. Oddly enough, I think this is at the same stage it was when I did a teeth pic last time.

Anyway, what you’re looking at is several episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, a trip to Amish country, and a movie. I’m just starting the fifth repeat out of eighteen. So, I’m almost a third of the way done, not that bad, considering I just started the feather and fan part yesterday.

I would have gotten in more knitting yesterday, but a friend of mine was having girl troubles and need someone to talk to and to make him smile. (I told inappropriate jokes and made sexual innuendos. It worked.) This is one of my best friends and my feelings for him are complex and troubling, so there were a few moments that really fed my masochism. And it was odd because he was obsessing and making a big deal out of nothing. Well, not nothing, but making it much bigger than it was. And he was trying to drink, (did I mention this guy used to have a drinking problem) so I felt like it would really secure my place in Hell if I ditched him to get in a little knitting. Besides, he’s a pretty good friend. Taylor bought him a cookie. I told dick jokes. We made it all good. I told him to leave it alone for four days and then to take a hint, if a hint was given. Taylor agreed. (Granted, I don’t know why he was asking my help. I am to insane to ever have a successful relationship.)

Today I worked all day on a practice paper. Considering I didn’t really have a real high school (I was homeschooled) and graduated with a diploma that it took me 90 days to study for. My ex-tutor (my boss at the bookshop) and I thought that it would be a good idea to do a little practice. My topic, and I got to chose this. “The feminist subtext in the writings of the Bronte sisters.” (See, masochist.) I’m done with the research part and am now just doing the writing up, in between talking my friend off of the ledge.

I’ve made contact with the roommate. He’s a physics major who really likes acting. I think we’ll get along fine.

A friend (This is a friend of my father’s whom I also enjoy.) was doing something, he told me, I can’t remember what, who spins her own wool from the sheep she raises. He asked me if I would like some. My response was something along the lines of, “Do fish swim?” I am now the possessor of about 150 yards of chunky weight handspun wool from a sheep named
“Violet”. Any ideas. (I’m thinking maybe an Elizabethian Mobius scarf or one of those triangle scarves where you cast on two stitches and increase at the sides till it’s as big as you want or you run out.

Now off to go running.


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